questionswhat do you think about the reasoned decision…


I don't really follow the sport, but I'm of the opinion that cheating is cheating. He should be punished accordingly.


He had his 15 minutes, then had them erased due to fraud. End of story.


My opinion is that if he cheated as much as his teammates said and if he showed them how to cheat, then they were too stupid to take any of those lessons to heart. Given how they keep saying he taught them these high level ways to cheat, most of them were busted for doing some pretty simple dumb stuff. They make Lance Armstrong sound like he is Ethan Hawke's character from Gattaca.

To me it still sounds like sour grapes and testifying to save their own skin. Until they can provide a reasonable answer for them being caught so easily when they knew the tricks of the master, I will not believe them.


What I want to know is why are they spending multiple millions of taxpayer dollars chasing this man down, despite their own policies against it? He is already retired. Beating a dead horse, I say. A very expensive dead horse.


Did he dope...It's nearly certain. Probability up around 99%. Actual proof 0. In all seriousness, he did nothing different than just about anyone else in cycling during that timeframe.

I think the real question should be whether his titles should be stripped and if so, who should get the win? Do they really strip him of the titles and say that NOBODY won? (that is the ONLY way to assure that a doper doesn't get the title)