questionsdoes anyone feel that 1saleaday is taking over…


I wouldn't say that 1Saleaday is taking over eBay, they are two different animals. One is big elephant and the other is mouse.
My experience has been Okay. I always got what I ordered, shipping was a little slow, but I expected that.
However, whatever they sell has probably been on Woot first,and is selling for a few bucks cheaper a few months later.


Don't do Ebay, so wouldn't know. Do see their stuff here, but that is it.


I have had very good experience with 1saleaday. I have purchased a couple dozen times from them and find the overall experience satisfactory. The one area of concern is the speed of customer service....they can be a little slow, but get there in the end. (that is the main site, NO problems when dealing through eBay...)

As far as "taking over" chance! But as a buyer you should be thankful that they are driving down prices.


No, because their shipping is too slow.


Certainly not taking over eBay. Not even close. And though ~300k feedback is certainly a lot, there's quite a few sellers in the 900k-1.1M range. Mainly cheap dollar electronics and cellphone accessory sellers.

As for 1saleaday, shipping is slow. But I've never had a bad experience with them.


1SALEADAY was doing very well at first. I bought several items from them over the last year ALWAYS slow shipping. The shipping is not the problem it took 3 months for 1saleaday to send an email or get my money back. EBAY had to force them to give me my money back after that time. Check there negative feedbacks in a 1 month period. People receive items that are different then those described or never receive an item at all. Also Ebay's rules are different for 1saleaday then for regular mom and pop stores like my own. They give 1saleaday 1 month to ship an item and I have 24 hour shipping. aMAZING you wonder if ebay owns a part of 1saleaday.
Do what you want but they are a true ripoff check negative and neutral feedback it is in the 3000 range. Amazing ebay allows this to happen makes them look bad when they are on the deal of the day page TOP POSITION everyday of the week.