questionsare you likely to try a "hair of the dog" cure…


I have definitely participated in the "keep drinking" way of avoiding hangovers. Funny, I can't really remember if it worked. Still, my stand by remedy is a vitamin and a bottle of water before bed that night (takes practice, but it became habit after a while)

Our motto used to be for holidays such as this: "You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning!"


There's no hangover cure that works. I'm not drinking tonight. My friends think I'm depressed because I chose to stay in tonight... Ha. I can guarantee I'll be in better spirits than them tomorrow. :p

Whenever I hear "hair of the dog" I'm reminded of a cookout I went to years back. It was about noon, and I was drinking a beer. It was a cookout, tis what you do. A drunk woman stumbles over to me and says, "ooh you drank too much last night too!". When I asked what she was talking about, she said she was taking the hair of the dog. I'm pretty sure she drank the whole dog the prior night, and was back for the rest of its pack that day.

(She was the most interesting person at that cookout, however, so whatever works. ;) )

Edit: @meh3884's recommendation of water does help, when I'm sensible enough to convince myself a bottle of water is a suitable replacement for another beer. :p


A bloody mary has helped me out of many a hangover. Works like a charm with a few excedrin.


Bloody Mary's are good, so is a shot of vodka and a beer.

Or you could also drink it off, or not drink at all. But the tried and true water/banana and/or vitamin combo before bed works like a charm too...that is if you can remember or don't pass out before it.

Or you could just not drink at all.


Hangover? What's that? I guess that I am one of the lucky ones... Genetics... Never had one, no matter how much I drink. neither did my dad.


I like to, but that leads to more drinking all day and then waking up with another hangover and then needing more hair of the dog and I'm sure you can see where this is going...........