questionswhat's the best internet radio service?


When someone stole the radio out of my car, Pandora saved my life.

vote-for2vote-against (only 4 stations, I think, we block it at work so I get it from the source.) many stations to choose from. Hard Rock is the best.


slacker radio is good. i like it better then pandora


Pandora has the best algorithm I have come across for choosing similar music and being able to refine what your musical tastes are.

Some of my Euro-acquaintances love something called Spotify.


Try Spotify. Although they leave a moderately bad taste in my mouth for attempting to thrust Facebook upon me. But I prefer Spotify to Pandora, since Pandora becomes less intelligent as the hours wear on. Spotify allows much more customization.

Or, if you're inclined to leaving your audio well-being in the hands of professionals:


I'm rather partial to AccuRadio. Great iOS app, lots of channels, and it lets you skip commercials (shh, don't let them know)!
My favourite channel: French Music Pre 1960.


I got a free program called Radiosure.
Thousands of obscure Euro stations right on your screen!
You can sort by language, country, genre, etc.
Sure a lot of stations are crap, but there are a lot of choices you never knew you had.
And you can save them. I have a couple DVDs worth of gypsy sounding music just to commute with. Norwegian metal is interesting. Euro pop is nice ... for maybe a minute or two, tops, before I realize I don't have enough estrogen to finish the song. ;+}
YMMV, of course.