questionsare feathers in hair still in style?


I thought that was true in the 1920s or something like that.


I think it's cool. But then I'm a guy and I like weird things that most women (least here) don't do. So don't take my opinion on fashion >.> lol Speaking of which we need more ink and piercings or dyed hair or something random. Something to distinguish you from the rest. Think short shorts and Ugg boots in the middle of winter -.- yay for a college town. NOT =p


Ink: good, so long as it isn't a lower back butterfly (Ted, I'm looking at you)
Dyed hair: good, if done well (no looking like a dog with mange)
Piercings: good, in certain areas (not a fan of the lip or beauty mark percings)
Feathers in hair: ok only if a bird hit you in the head


It went into fashion, and died out after school started.
Otherwise there wouldn't be so many vendors trying to off their leftover stock cheap and quick.
Tho there are the younger siblings who will then take this idea and run it into the ground. I've seen it worn around here a lot, but not on anybody over 16. A year ago it was basically the 18 to 29 crowd.
Then again, the movie Something about Mary was years ago, and look how many guys are still running around with f#cked up hair. If you see a girl without a trampstamp showing, you know she's either under 15 or over 40. Usually. So who knows.


Awe... well, that's kinda a shame. I wore tinsel in my hair for a couple of weeks last year and thought it was cute. Shwew, I sure missed the bullet there... almost bought a pack. Guess my dad is glad that his fly-tying supplies are back down in price though.