questionsdoes ice cream sandwich make android devices…


If you're asking, the answer is no.


What device do you have that is running honeycomb, because any honeycomb device should be able to run ICS, even if you have to root due to developers not doing first party updates.

Also the improvements seem to be fairly substantial I would wait and install it on your current device and if you end up not liking ICS than wait for the ipad 3 when that is announced in spring.


@hiiamstevie: Galaxy Tab 7". Theoretically I could root it and find out, but that would void my warranty. I'll probably end up doing it anyway, though, because Honeycomb basically renders it useless.


Short answer, Yes.

I recently got an Asus Transformer Prime and it came with honeycomb. I can honestly say that I was disappointed with the performance of the device. Having a 4 core Tegra 3 processor, I expected much more. Then came ICS. The improvement was phenomenal. Everything from browsing experience to running apps became smoother. ICS made the device worth it.


I bought one, but I returned it because it didn't work. I never got it to make a single ice cream sandwich.

Maybe I needed some sort of peripheral?