questionshelp! i need good long-lasting ice cube trays…


are you old enough to remember the metal style ice cube trays?
they last and last, and your fingers get stuck to them every time. usually available at resell stores or yard sales. you might try ebay too.

otherwise try looking at some that aren't blue. the blue ones tend to be the thinest plastic they could find.


Have you tried silicone ice cube trays? They stay flexible at low temperatures, making it easier to remove the ice cubes (or more frequently, the funky ice mini-sculptures) without damaging the trays. There are a million places to get them, from Target (for boring conventional ones) to Thinkgeek (for cool funny shapes, like Han Solo in carbonite).


If was just going to suggest silicone trays. I have some and like them a lot. It is hard to fill because it is flexible but the cubes look nicer.

I have these in the green. If you need a lot of cubes you should get 2 sets.


I got some at Kmart, so they were probably Martha Stewart, that were very inexpensive and I have been impressed with -- both performance and staying power (I've been using them about a year now, with no cracks). They are of a semi-transparent plastic that seems to be more flexible than the white ones are.


@moosezilla: My grandmother had some of those that she used forever. They cam in a refrigerator that she bought in the 1950s and she was still using them into at least the late 80s.


Are they not making plastic like they used to? I remember having a couple of plastic trays that lasted all through the 70's and 80's.

I've had an icemaker for the past 20 years so fortunately haven't ever had to buy a tray.


Another vote for silicone here.


I'll second - no, wait - (neuro counts) I'll fourth the suggestion for silicone, although mine are rigid plastic with silicone bases, so I turn the tray upside and press to pop out a cube (one at time, which is great since I pop them directly into glasses). I bought one at Meijer and one at Target; they were each $1.99. The cubes are VERY small, a perfect size for smoothies, but I couldn't use them to freeze chicken broth or other food. One of them is "harder" than the other and requires more effort to expel the ice, although I don't know which one (Target or Meijer) is great and which one is a slight PITF (pain in the fingers).

For those of you using all-silicone ice trays: how easy/hard is it to remove the ice cubes one at a time?


I used to have all sorts of problems with ice cubes sticking in the plastic trays. Eventually I realized that if I put the new tray I just filled with water at the bottom of the stack of already-frozen trays they always stuck. However, if I put the new tray on its own on the shelf, with nothing below or above it, I usually would have only a couple of cubes stick. That has proved to be the case with two different sets of trays.