questionsdoes a steam mop work very well?


We've one at my house and I love it. It really makes the floors feel clean. I like the steam cleaner better than mopping with floor cleaners in most cases because it doesn't leave a film on the floor.


I've had 2 in the past 15 years and I've loved them both. The first one I used until it died, it was a Eureka. The one I bought to replace it is the Haan and it's great too, it's a 2 in 1 where it both vacuums and steams, which is great because I would always sweep or run the vacuum first anyway so it lets me skip that step. I think you would be very happy with one.

I did buy a Shark before buying the Haan, only used it once and it wouldn't steam the second time I tried using it.


I love my steam mop. The only downfall is that it is too tall to get under the edge of the cabinets so I have to use the swiffer a little after I'm done with the steam mop.


My sister has one and, especially when her kids were little, swore by hers. She LOVED it and used it regularly. She said it was much easier than regular mopping and she felt it got the floors cleaner. I've used hers a couple of times and it is easy. Almost like vacuuming.


Awesome, I'm totally buying one, except now the place that had them on sale doesnt have them any more! So if anyone sees a good deal on one please let me know!!!

vote-for1vote-against I'm not sure what your budget is, but this one has some nice reviews and falls under what I think of as "not too cheap, not too expensive."


@lmensor: What's the model on the 2 in 1? I must have one of those! My least favorite chores over with at the same time...


@sjperry: It's called the Haan Duo. I got it at QVC a couple of years ago, I'm not sure they sell it there anymore. But I did just do a general google search on it and it's still around. It's very handy having both the vacuum and steamer, though the steam part doesn't get corners very good since the vacuum is in the front and the steamer is in the back. Mine's a burgandy color and I think they also make them in purple. Good luck in your search!