questionswould you buy a different brand of tire for a…


No and yes.

No, I would not buy tires in order to get a Nook and yes you are crazy for considering buying a tire brand you don't really want for a Nook you don't really need...


I wouldn't buy the tires if I didn't need them. However, if you need them, I would get the most out of your money. I recently purchased a set of Nexen tires from Tire Discounters and it came with a $100 gift card. I would consider the warranty that comes with the tire over any other incentive.


I might consider it assuming I need the tires and if the price point wasn't crazy high.
I never heard of that brand but that doesn't mean their not good. I'm soooo not a gear head so not surprised here. Any complaints about them online? Or major recalls?

But, anyway recently I want to say I saw a commercial on tv about this but it was an Ipad 2 (i think) I so can't find it on Google. Mind you I was in a restaurant at the time and the TV wasn't the main focus so maybe I miss saw/heard or maybe it's a local deal.


Depends on how much the tires cost. Will you be breaking even or will the tires potentially wear out faster? If they last just as long it's a win. Tires are tires as long as you're not buying them at Wal-Mart - they sell lower-grade tires across the board, and I've paid for that mistake. The benefits of one brand over another are really minimal otherwise.


Tires are a vital part of your vehicle in order to ensure a safe ride for you and your family. I wouldn't get one I didn't think performed at least very well for what I need it for.

My truck came with Continental tires off the showroom floor and they were terrible. The tread wear was good but the grip was quite poor.

To answer your original questions, you're not crazy for considering it because you should weigh your options. But for me, if I didn't like the tire then a free Nook wouldn't sway my decision.


The tires are comparable for mileage/warranty, but the Continentals aren't quite as sporty as the Michelins supposedly. This being said, my car came with Continentals, so would I even see a difference? And the price is almost exactly the same, so it's almost like I'm missing out a freebie by getting the others.


Think about it: they have to give away a Nook to get people to buy the Continental tires. That's a major red flag right there.

Tires have an effect on so much of your driving - handling, stopping distance, fuel economy, etc. - that they're not worth compromising for the sake of a gadget that could easily be obsolete within 3 years.


Continentals are good tires. Been using/selling them for years and never had any problems out of them.
If the price is good then I would do it.


Continental tires are very good, I have them on my Honda Accord.


If the Michelins have been reviewed as being better on your car, I'd go with those. I mean, your intention is to buy tires, not go electronics shopping, right? If you've already got an e-reader anyhow, then what are you going to do with another one?


Well this caught my eye immediately, seeing as I've been staring at a data sheet full of Continental tire data, and have another tab open to their website... Here's my advice: Do some research and narrow it down to 4 or 5 of the top brands that carry the tire size that you need. Then look at what promotions are going on or may be coming up. Here's a great source on keeping an eye on special offers that tire companies are offering: #shamelessyetvalidplug
Pay close attention to the UTQG rating on tires, it's a government required method of how good the tire's Treadware, Traction, and Temperature results are compared to a base average.


@liss: you have a BMW?
i have Continentals and i'm not happy with them. mine cost around $300 each and i've had nothing but back luck type issues since buying and rebuying them. but my usual tire place is Sears Auto and i'm not sure if it's Sears giving me trouble or the tires. 2 flat tires due to potholes or nails, slow leak in one now. (i think it's a loose valve but Sears said there's rust where the tire contacts my rim? or both?)
can I strongly suggest getting the hazard insurance? Continentals cost too much to be rebuying often

also check Costco or Sams club if you have a membership. they have extras included with all tire purchases


Buy the better tires. Lives are more important than an electronic device.