questionswho doesn't watch the olympics?


I don't.

Just find better things to do; higher priorty items, like take a nap.


I watch a little of it, especially if something historic is about to happen (like Phelps trying to break the medal record) or I'll turn it on in the background when I am doing something else, but I don't consider it appointment TV


I like the idea of the Olympics, but I am a "do" person. If I am interested in a sport or physical activity I do it, I don't watch others do it. For me, TV is for storytelling, not vicarious physical achievement. Or voyeurism, which a lot of "reality" television borders on. But I have nothing but respect and admiration for those Olympic athletes that are out there pushing themselves to achieve their dreams, with the pride of their nations behind them.


The Olympics is going on?

j/k, but I never really watched them much when I had TV service and I don't have any real desire now.


I don't, my TV hasn't been on in 2 days for that matter. I sort of scan the online headlines, but even then it seems the media is trying to turn it into a reality show type of circus.



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I honestly dont. Im a huge sports fan, but there are not anything sports-related from the Olympics that catch my eye. Swimming? Track Relay? Fencing? Its like we made the Olympics a convention for obscure sports.


The olympians don't know (or care) whether you watched it. The support they needed is what got them the training and the trip to be there.

Your eyeballs are only valuable to NBC and the advertisers.


I don't care.
Plus, I use Olwimpics to further not care.

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I would watch if it wasn't the same three sports over and over on our local channel. Swimming, gymnastics and volleyball. I want to see fencing or maybe something different that maybe Americans aren't that good at but would be fun to watch anyway.

I realize I can stream it live online but I can't DVR it that way and I don't have time to wait for one of the few sports I'd be interested in seeing.


I watch a bit of the Olympics when I'm at the gym, if there happens to be an interesting sport on (and they're actually showing the competition) and nothing else that I'd rather watch. Yesterday I spent about 30 minutes watching a table tennis match. It was interesting in a "better than Star Trek: Insurrection and a repeat of How Do They Do That?". But I rarely go out of my way to watch them.
I was in Atlanta before and after the 1996 games, lived with the build-up and aftermath of Georgia Tech being the Olympic village and I watched a lot of those games. Kinda over dosed on the coverage and then the mess that was campus after The Games left a bad taste in my mouth that I'm still recovering from.


If my wife didn't watch them I probably wouldn't see any of the events outside of highlight clips that make it to the nightly news. As it is, I'll take in a half hour or so here and there while she's watching before I get bored and wander off. If they had more coverage of the shooting team, I might watch some of that.


My (10 year old) daughter had a friend over when the opening ceremonies were on our TV. She asked what we were watching and my wife told her they were the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. She then asked "what are the Olympics?"

I can understand not watching the Olympics, but I was stunned to learn she had never heard of them.


Meh. I occasionally have them on in the background, but it's not must-see TV for me. I'd personally rather see the X-Games.


I watch it every day nowadays