questionsdid you know today was umbrella day?


Is there a day for just about everything? But celebrating some of these days can be whole lot of fun.


I'm going to protest this silliness by going out in the rain without one. Ponchos never get their day in the [ahem] sun, so we're taking this day as our own!


I sounds like a UK holiday. You know, Mary Poppins and all that.
I'm shoveling snow. No umbrellas here. Bad luck to open them in the house
Unless of course it's a little one put in my drink ! Now that I could get behind : )


Ah, but did you know that according to the 1922 Flapper to English dictionary recorded by Ella Hartung, Umbrella is Flapper slang for a young man any girl can borrow for the evening?
Gives a whole new meaning to the day, in my humble opinion! Kippy!