questionswho is going to be getting the new galaxy nexus…


I've been following the Galaxy Nexus news for a long while now, but I won't be getting it unless it happens to go to T-Mobile anytime soon.

I love stock Android, but foolishly signed a 2 year contract with T-Mobile a little over a year ago in order to get the Nexus One. It seemed like a no brainer at the time since I loathed being on AT&T, but since their announced intention to merge, T-Mobile's CS department has really gone downhill. They went from excellent when issues came up to downright disrespectful. I'm fed up with them.

So yea, if it comes to T-Mobile sooner rather than later, I'll get one. If not, I'll pick up the next Nexus iteration or the one after that...quad-core phones should be coming soon. Either way, I'm done with 2 year contracts though, that's for sure. It's not worth the savings being stuck to a company for that much longer.


@sykotek: Former AT&T and T-Mobile customer here, for the same reasons as you. I actually answered a telephone survey from T-Mobile last night asking for the reasons I left T-Mobile. I told the rep that the #1 reason was because of the merger with AT&T and that based on past experiences, I had no desire to ever be an AT&T customer again.


hell yeah. I was planning on getting the Droid RAZR but started seeing talk of the GN... definitely a no brainier for me.

I'll be coming from an OG Droid so its a much needed upgrade.