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I generally only go by reviews if there are a bunch of them. Just a few is too small of a sample size for me. That being said, if there are a bunch of reviews I tend to follow what they say. If you have 90 of hundred people saying something stinks... well, you can pretty much be sure it stinks.


I check reviews from several sources(Amazon, eOpinions, Consumer Reports, etc), if I am not familiar with the product. I do check to see if the reviews are from the same people but with different names.


I like to get reviews from a wide variety of sources, unless it's something I know my friends are familiar with or is a trusted brand. If I can actually see the product in a store, even better, but I know a few people (like @agingdragqueen) who have never steered me wrong on a product, so that helps.


Assuming there are a good number of reviews, always read some from the 1 and 5 star reviews.

Example: For ages I've been wanting a clock for my shower. I did some Amazon searching and found something in my price range that had about 2.5 stars. I started reading many of the 1 star reviews, which complained how the clock's suction cup didn't work and made the clock fall and break pretty much immediately "no matter what" they did to help it. I started thinking this wouldn't be the clock for me if It falls and breaks all the time. However, I switched to some of the 5 and 4 star reviews, most of which berated all the idiots in the 1 star review section. Had they read the instructions that came w/the clock, they would have learned exactly how to hang the clock so it doesn't fall. I finally purchased the clock, followed the simple instructions and it's been there for about 3 months. Success!

I've definitely passed on items w/bad reviews, but always remember that people are dumb.


@smtatertot13: That's a good point. I've seen that happen before with a KitchenAid coffee maker I wanted. Everyone was complaining how it leaked and gave it 1 star. Others that liked it (4+ stars) said it worked fine and the reason why it leaked was probably because the ones complaining didn't read the directions and used both the paper filters included with it AND the re-usable filter at the same time. I bought it anyway and love it, and it does not leak.


I try to find reviews on Amazon before buying it too, it works about half the time for me though.

Plus I think some reviews are kind of biased though, like only people with complaints would write reviews while there are only some who writes reviews when it works perfectly. The odds are pretty good for something like that.


I use reviews, especially if there are a lot. If there are a few I try to find more :-)


I tend to look up reviews first if I'm on the fence. If it's something I want, I get it regardless, pretty much. I still look at the negative reviews and sometimes I'm turned off, but generally still go for it.

My strategy is to always focus on the 1 and 2 star reviews. Most of the time, its some dumb complaint or something directed at Amazon instead of the product. Out of say 20 reviews, maybe two will be legitimately helpful. And those actually tend to be really good reviews, albiet ones with a negative view on the product. And they have helped me avoid bad purchases. I do look to the positive reviews, although generally they're not helpful. If I'm already interested in the product, chances are I know what's good about it. I do like that some counter negative reviews though.

For example, I recently bought this putty stuff to clean electronics. Some reviews stated that it went bad quickly, didn't work, etc. Looked to the positive and one gives good instructions on proper use.


I like online reviews. I try to read both the good and the bad, before I make a decision. On some items, you can tell all the bad reviews are either operator error or ID10T errors. I scan through reviews, and try to read the longer, more detailed entries, as they tend to give the best information.


I'm pretty sure I've only ever blatantly ignored reviews here, actually. That's only because so many of them are fanboy-driven rather than informative, though.


Like others, I'll read a sample of the reviews; on amazon, I've found that three-star reviews are often the most balanced, and four-star reviews usually contain some constructive criticism of an item, which helps me understand whether the deficits are something I can live with. I'll also compare the dates of 4/5-star reviews with those of 1/2/3 star reviews: sometimes a product started out defective and corrections have been made; other times, a product update results in lower reviews.

@smtatertot13: Would you be willing to post a link to the shower clock? I've been looking for one, on and off, for years!


Yeah, I have/do every once and awhile.. although through those decisions to ignore reviews I've learned that it's usually a wise decision to heed them :)

When I do, my logic for ignoring them is usually "those guys are probably just doing it wrong" heh


@neuropsychosocial: hope this helps!

i paid a couple bucks less than this for it, but not much. it's been a champ and has helped me get to work on time many, many days.


Yeah, I sometimes do. I'm that wild.


I've ignore a few bad reviews before - but only once have I heard nothing good and purchased. It was a mistake.


People always see the things they love to i often ignore the bad reviews when i buy something i really like...