questionswhat is your experience with color laser printers…


They work a treat, beat all hell out of the ink squirters.
Supplies can get expensive if you have high volume (likely won't)

The big cost for replacements supplies is in the fuser, so if you get a used business class machine, make sure it has a new one(s) or adjust price accordingly.
Also, look for units with independent color cartridges, because replacing a whole unit when you run out of yellow sucks.

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Generally speaking:
Toner is cheaper then ink. When I got my color printer I figured out it would take 12 ink refills for 1 toner, based on manufacture specs.
One other real selling point for me was if the printer sits for 3 months unused (summer time) the printer will work with no issues, unlike the ink that would have clogged jets.
Quality is slightly less in most cases.
I own both black&white and 2 color laser printers.
Samsungs 315 (wireless) and 1740 B&W.
The Ricoh color printer's toner was 3x the cost of the printer so I got the 315.

I would like a networked B&W copier that does color scans if the price is right, the problem is the 1740 will not die.
I think the 'over flow' is the 'waste toner'. In most cases they can be emptied.


Minolta and Samsung's lower end offerings aren't too bad on cost per page.
The waste toner things are a couple bucks, they aren't that bad.


I have a LexMark x560n I got for $280 (+$120 shipping!) from PCConnection in a deal I found here a few years ago. An unbelievable price for a terrific printer/copier/scanner/fax. I had this very model at work and loved it. I think my company had paid about $1000 for the one in my office. (Thanks, DW!)

I think this particular model is no longer made, but I have had really good luck with the brand. I just found my invoice and see that I've had this one since late 2010 and I still have not had to replace any of the toner. Check out for good deals. I don't know if they've got any great deals right now, but it's worth checking them.


I have a Samsung CLP-300. It's done very well for me. I print an average of maybe two pages a week and I just had to replace toner for the first time last month; the printer was new in 2009. The color isn't as accurate as a good inkjet, but it's way more user-friendly overall. Also you can empty out the used toner holder into a trash can on my model. Be very careful, though, as toner particles will float on any air current.


First,you and your wife may know what functions do you really need.And the priceyou would like to pay .What is more,the brand you like .Hope these Proposal could help you.


I use the HP MFC-1415fnw Color Laser All-in one at home and I absolutely love it. The toner isn't the cheapest in the world, so I use an off-label brand that seems to do the job just as well as the HP stuff. I've even printed some pretty decent looking photos out using this machine, so it has basically replaced the menagerie of specialized printers and scanners I had before. Hope this helps.