questionsandroid on hp touchpad update


I have turned on my HP Touchpad 32GB just to see that it worked, other than that I haven't messed with it.. I am waiting on a full release/testings of the Android-Root before I attempt it myself.

I am definitely excited to see they are making progress though!


I like many who haven't touched their touchpad much since purchase am excited to see the port. I just ported over my touchpad and am thrilled with the results! Cyanogen on my touchpad runs smoother than it does on my Samsung Captivate!

One thing the instructions don't explain is installing the Android Market after loading Android but I was able to find it here:

Super stoaked about the alpha release! This is why I bought the touchpad!


i like the Web OS, i just dislike the lack of apps, so i am playing angry birds until android is complete!


Not touching the alpha, I'll wait. Still, impressed that they have it so far along so quickly. Even the touchstone support, that was surprising, and made me happy I went ahead and got one.


I'm using it right now on my TouchPad. It took less than 5 minutes to get going. If I do get an issue with Android not working, I can always boot back into WebOS. Non of my data/apps from the WebOS side were lost from the installation of it. I have access to the market and all of the Google apps (gmail, maps, etc), plus all of my Amazon apps.
For a "alpha" build, its great.


For people who don't want to install Android because it is not far enough along in development, you can use WebOS Doctor to reset your tp to factory if/when something goes wrong. Slickdeals has a good tutorial for what to do.

I've already done a reset after messing around too much with Preware. No problems.


thanks for the update and info link. i <3 my touchpad and while i like what i can do with it now, i'd love more apps
i use mine everyday for night browsing, keep it right by my bed. i had issues with voting and commenting on deals.woot site once though. votes weren't sticking and i couldn't comment. i think it was an anomaly


I actually like WOS (that's WebOS, but even SHORTER) for browsing and basic stuff. But then again, there's probably a "deck/card" app for Android :)

I like pulling the card to the bottom of the screen and then having it go "WOOSH!" and shoot out of the screen, never to be seen again.

What I don't like is that my Touchpad already needs to be sent in for Warranty - it fixed itself, but I'm assuming that's temporary (the screen dims by itself (not the power saver) and it makes a gawdawful "BRRWWOOOWWNNNNNGSCCHHHHH" sound whenever I touch the screen)


I use my touch pad daily. FYI, you can pull an card down and it will spring away sometimes with a "boing" sound. You will know it will make the sound because when you pull it down it sounds like your stretching material to it's breaking point.


I really have enjoyed WebOS on my touchpad. The multitasking is superb, and it is very speedy with a bit of tweaking. However, I will probably install Android when it is stable for the broad selection of apps. Quickoffice is free, but the lack of autocorrect and its limited editing really limits its usefulness. Also, the Android browser offers more options and features that I use, like remembering passwords.

BTW, if you rotate the touchpad so the speakers are on top (upside down), pulling the card down will make the stretching and "WHEE!" sound when released.