questionshow do you get a passport renewed within a week?


If you live in a large city, you may be able to get it in one day.

edit: re-read your post. Realized I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Good luck, and have fun on the cruise!


go to the regional passport place. i'd rather go to the source than use a third party.


I have no idea if they can get it done in a week but a friend was able to renew their passport paying for rush processing 2 weeks before they needed it at the post office. They ask the date you need it by and tell you if its possible. Worth trying your local post office that handles passports and see if its possible with a 1 week turnaround.


I had to expedite mine a couple of years ago for a work trip. I went through Travisa (, which was recommended by a co-worker. It wasn't cheap, but they got it expedited and were great to work with.


I was in a similar situation, but I had lost mine. I ended up driving the same 5-hour drive from Detroit to Chicago. Waited in lines all day, faced some runaround and possible rejection of my application, and finally got my passport at the very end of the day. Got in the car, drive the 5 hours back to Detroit. Stopped by my house and picked up my luggage for my ride to take me directly to the airport to leave for London. Made it with only minutes to spare. Talk about running on adrenaline!


Grease the palms, things will happen.


Your passport expires this year and it is past the date, right? If it expires later this year you may be able to use it for this trip.

If you go to the appointment with ALL the correct information you will leave with your passport in hand.

I process passports as part of my job. I have done the paperwork for people using the passport expediter places. It is expensive around here, I think in the $300 range but I am not positive on that figure. The company would give you a checklist of the items needed. You would end up with a sealed envelope to express mail to the company to go to the appointment for you. Afterwards, they express the passport to you. Several large local corporations use the services for employees needing last minute international travel.



Definitely call or email the passport agency. Make sure you have your passport nearby to give them the information just in case. Give your travel date, and expiration date on your passport. You need to renew your passport which is a different form than a brand new one unless you were under 16 when it was issued, it is damaged, or it has a different name on it. (There are other items I did not list that do not apply here, so anyone else reading - double check the instructions on the form!)

Any more questions I missed? Good luck and enjoy the cruise! (I am surprised the cruise company did not check the passport when you booked.)


Thanks to all for their suggestions. Rather than make a 10 hour round trip car ride to the closest regional passport agency that would cost me $110 in gas alone, I am using a trusted service that the company I work for uses for travel. They are handling the expedition of my passport for a reasonable fee of $135 over top of the usual $170 expedited renewal cost.

The cruise line didn't have anything helpful to add besides trying to put me in touch with the state agency.

I filled out all my paperwork late last night and got my passport photos this morning, so I should be all set. I will rest MUCH easier once the passport is in my hands.


I also had to use an expedited service once since I needed a Visa to visit one country and the rules (unbeknownst to me) required that there had to be a blank page with available for it. Unfortunately, each page of my passport had a stamp on it. Since the passport expired within the next 18 months, it was better to renew than to add pages (which almost costs as much as renewal).

Something else that I learned was that certain countries require that your passport must not expire within 6 months of your travel dates. Just something to keep in mind.


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