questionsis bing rewards worth the wait to earn a prize?


I Know some people who use multiple accounts, so they build up prizes a lot faster. It sems like a good choice if you are getting giftcards.


Bing is a wannabee IMHO. Good luck cashing in on those sweepstakes points. :)


i've been using the points for xbox points and gift cards since last year. takes 30 seconds a day to accomplish.


I just signed up about a week ago and got a $2.50 amazon card the same day, so that was worth it.

With a decent internet connection I can get the 20 search points in under a minute per day. If it were tedious I wouldn't bother, but it looks like it won't be hard to get at least a $5 amazon card each month.


Yeah, it's worth it if you spend more than 5 minutes a day tooling around on your computer (i.e. not doing "important" work). As you're a deals.woot user, I'm going to guess that you do. I've used the program since its inception and earned more than $75 in Microsoft points for the Xbox.

I wouldn't recommend entering the sweepstakes or full-on switching to Bing, though. Just use it for two minutes a day for the rewards and be on your way.

Pro tip: do one search, then click the "related searches" for the rest. This makes the process go by VERY quickly.


I've been using Bing rewards for a while, just logging on and collecting the points every morning along with my other free websites where I farm Amazon gift cards. So far I've redeemed 1500 MS points and have another 3.4k on my account, but I use it daily for the maximum amount of points I can get with the least effort (not the social stuff). If you're willing to dedicate the less than 5 minutes daily it takes to get the daily search points, then you've maxed out what you can earn from Bing rewards for the day and can go about doing what you normally do.


I say yes it is. It takes me maybe 2 mins a day to click through the required BS to get my points daily on my 2 accounts, but I have yet to pay for Hulu Plus since it launched over a year ago.


I've been participating in Bing rewards for quite a while. I've got a a bunch of xbox points and Amazon gift cards out of it.

They will occasionally have special events that can really accelerate you point earnings. But even at the normal pace it is still worth the 2 or 3 minutes it takes me each day.


Well of course it's worth it, all you do is type 123 and press enter or really search for stuff and you get "paid" for it.

Once you get to a gold membership the items are cheaper (fewer points needed)