questionshave i picked up a virus? a pop up survey linkā€¦


I slicked my history/cache/flash cookies and everything else I could think of and that seems to have done the trick.

Staff, please feel free to delete this question. I had a gremlin in the system.


Your gremlin has happened before, to others. I hope they don't delete the question, since it will relieve the mind of others who may also see this happen.

You couldn't have taken the survey anyway. You know too many words that contain multiple syllables, and require an education that doesn't involve SMS.


@lavikinga: You really should scan your system - even the best Anti-Malware software isn't 100% effective.

I use Malwarebytes and Trend Micro Housecall when I suspect something has snuck through my defenses.


@durkzilla: She uses a Mac. Unlikely virus.

@lavikinga: Did you get your firewire things? I saw they'd been on the woot off while I was still asleep.


@shrdlu: Yes, I did! I woke up wondering how close I had missed them THIS time and lo, there they were. Took three for the team. Locally, these things run for $14 a PAIR. These will make great gifts for the grilling fiends in my life, although I am not holding my breath for getting them by Christmas.


@lavikinga: If you don't get them, I have a copy of the woot letter from last Christmas when we were all complaining about not getting our monkeys before Christmas. In typical woot fashion the letter blames us for not ordering in time for Christmas but promises that the item is on the way. :)


@theoneill555: Woot logic at its finest :) I ordered the lazy-susan made from wine barrel lids as a present for my parents last year. It got there barely in time. Unfortunately, it looked like it was a rushed job by the manufacturer. In hindsight, I would've been happier to have had it delayed if the product had been better quality rather than some wobbly tray with some crappy varnish slapped on it.
No big deal if the wires are delayed. I'll use them as Hostess gifts when I visit.


@lavikinga: Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning "flash cookies." I got rid of all of them on my machine and have hopefully solved the problem which occurred mainly on this site of popups with thingys dancing around and constantly targeted ads it seemed to me. Still don't know, though, what happened yesterday when a site grabbed and would not let go. Everything on my screen today is utterly peaceful. Again, muchas gracias.


@klozitshoper: I really should install Flush, but I've just been too lazy to mess with it.