questionshow do you like your kershaw knives?


I have a Shun bread knife. It is the absolute most spectactularlywonderfullest knife in the world. I love having a fscking bad ass bread knife.

Oh, you mean their folders...

Uh, I tend to go w/ SOG and Cold Steel for camping/self defense purposes.


Since Kershaw also makes the Shun cooking knives I feel like I can throw my $0.02 in. I like mine. I like them a lot. They are wicked sharp, to the point where you can cut yourself and not even know it. However I just problem with my 3 month old Shun santoku knife. I was chopping carrots on a bamboo block and a chip came out of the middle of the blade. I will be contacting Kershaw tomorrow to start the RMA process. I will report back and how well they honor their warranty.


Kershaw has always been my favorite folding knife maker. I own both a mini cyclone and shallot and they are great. They hold an edge well and are very durable. The speed safe feature on them is very nice, you can quickly open the knife with one hand. Also their customer service has been great, you can mail your knife in for a free sharpening and they will send you any replacement parts for free. I contacted them for a new spring for my cyclone and since they quit making replacement parts for older knives, they offered to replace the entire knife with any newer model of the same price.


I absolutely love my Kershaw Knives. They keep an extremely sharp edge and the fit and finish is bar one.
The one hand opening is flawless.
I have many knives I carry day to day,but I love to carry my Kershaw's the most.


I have a TON of kershaws. Both USA and China Versions.

Love every single one and highly rec these to anyone. The China versions are simply awesome for the price. They are high quality, very affordable and have a lifetime warranty.

Wish I could say which my favorite is but bottom line is I have almost every model they make and have yet to find one I do not like.

The China versions have the quality of a 'high end knife'.....Love all my USA versions as well, but honestly, if it didnt say CHINA on it, you would think the china versions were high end expensive blades.