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Woot writer @slydon is very active over in New York local.woot. On the 4th of July he let people ask him questions. My Question I think will answer this:

How much heads up do the writers get for items that are being sold during a Wootoff? Do you guys have a couple of weeks to write the product descriptions or is it more "Tomorrows a Wootoff, hope you stocked up on coffee because its going to be a long couple of days."

slydon: We have varying degrees of notice for Woot-offs. Usually we get about two or three weeks to write as much as we can, but sometimes we know it's coming without seeing any products listed until closer to the date. And there are always last minute additions, so it's pretty much straight pressure for us until it ends, plus our regular workload. I'd love to give all-new writeups for every item, of course, but it's just not possible to do that much at the speed required several different times a year, so we sort of have to let some "best of" through now and again.


The truth is we decided to make the gags "Woot Plus" style for the Woot-Offs because otherwise, we might have died. You'll note how many sites are having a Woot-Off today, and we've still got to do blog posts and our normal daily writeups on top of the tiny blasts of humor. It wasn't an easy decision but we decided Woot Plus style humor was worth a shot.

The nice part is that it gives us more time to focus on the daily writeups on non-Woot off days. Those are still around, just like always, and we're still doing our best to make them interesting and funny. If you're looking to read (and I thank you for that) maybe head over to Home or Kids and click through to any writeup today! You'll find a recap of the soap opera on Home and summary of the family drama on Kids, and we've been writing them daily since May, so there's plenty to read. It's an ongoing story with characters and we've never tried anything to this scope before. if you're writeup-hungry, we very much hope it'll help.


@raider9924: Ha! It's true, Woot-Offs are a lot of stress for us. But threads like this are why I suffer (both here and on local) to give you guys content.

I once read a story about a Dion concert, sometime in the 80s in New York, where only three people showed up. Apparently Dion came out, thanked them sincerely, and played an amazing set. That's the kind of mindset I try to take here. I may not always be as good as I like, but as long as even one person wants to be entertained for a little while, I'm going to give it the very best I've got.


@slydon Have you given any thought to holding product writeup contests? You could have people send in writeups for products and use the ones you like best. A lot of products come up month to month so it's not like people would know what was going to be in the next wootoff (or more importantly, when it was going to come up).

Just a thought...


And a good one! I'm not at liberty to say more but I like how you think.


@slydon: Thanks for your sincere and sensible answer. And I am thrilled to know that you're not being held somewhere against your will!
I can only imagine the workload that a classic woot-off would have created, multiplied by five woot! sites... But do know that I really get a kick out of reading the amusing stories, quips, foibles, and whatnot that you guys and gals write for us and I look forward to reading more in the future!! THANK YOU FOR THE LAUGHS!!!

ps. I see there is actual text in this last one, the Oregon Scientific seat... Huzzah!! :D


@slydon: It's a great mentality to take....unfortunately it often seems to get tested over in ny local.woot. Too bad people are missing out on the fun, even wooters who are not local to NYC should stop by a join the discussion since a lot of the question you ask could be answered by anyone and even those that are NYC specific could always be answered thru tourist eyes. Maybe one of these days more people will join in on the fun they are missing and we can expand our little "family" over there!