questionswhy does my new thermostat seem to take a lot…


It's most likely because your old thermostat was a mecury thermostat, and the new one is digital. They both use different methods to detect room temps, and in my experience, the mercury ones are WAY better at reulating temps, because they're so precise.

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@woothulhu: Thanks. Is it possible for a mercury thermostat to have a digital read? Cause my old one did have a digital read out (I guess I should have specified--by old I meant its from the early 1990's, which in some respects isn't actually that old). But if indeed the old one did have mercury, that would probably explain it. (edit: looking around some it doesn't seem that a mercury thermostat would have a digital read out).


You might also see if your swing adjustment is different between the old and new thermostat (not all thermostats have this adjustment BTW).

Swing being the amount of degrees +- from the target temperature before the unit kicks on or off. Typically it runs 1-2 degrees.

Larger swing = longer running times but more savings at the perceived cost of comfort. Smaller swing = more cycling and more cost but some find it more comfortable.


Get a nest!
Not sure if it will be better for your specific problem, it's just so darn cool!


@hairofthedog: Definitely pretty cool, but like most thermostats, it isn't compatible with high voltage electric baseboard heat :(

@zontor No swing setting my my thermostat either. I think it is just sensitive because the apt was poorly designed...the heat vent is about as far away from the thermostat as it could be, so I don't think the temperature is very accurate.

Oh, well. Heat here isn't too expensive, so not a big deal, I will just adjust it to come on sooner/not turn it down so low when I'm not home. Thanks for the responses, everyone!


PMFJI late - but after reading the trouble, I wonder if it may have more to do with the heating unit instead of the thermostat. OP said it takes a long time to get the heat up to the set temp. Unless OP changed the swing DRASTICALLY, then it's unlikely even the swing would have much to do with the length of time it would take to return to the next setting. An 11 degree rise in temp for 700 sq ft ( probably lt 6000 cu ft) shouldn't take that long - even with baseboard heaters. While they're very expensive to operate, if they're operating correctly they should be able to keep the apt comfortable.

From the sounds of things - like "it seems to run constantly for several hours" there is likely a problem with the heaters themselves.

OR - maybe these are multilevel heaters that have a low-medium-high setting and when changing to the new thermostat, there aren't compatable circuits for the different ranges, and the baseboard heaters are operating at the low setting all the time. ??