questionsis it better to post the whole sale page or…


For those who actually use the search feature when looking for a particular item, a single deal posting is better.
Guess it depends on how vague your "everything" deal is. "75% off EVERY ITEM at such and such dot com" blow out sort of deal might not be a bad thing. As I tend to be a "per item" girl when I shop for things, I usually have an idea of what I want and don't want to be forced to comb through a site. It's a time management issue.


My thinking is that anyone looking for deals on tech stuff better be signed up for the email blasts from Newegg. If not receiving these emails is more of a priority than finding deals on tech stuff, they aren't that interested in the deals. The emails from Newegg are my favorite emails to get. So, my assumption is that many people interested in these deals are already aware of the Newegg promotions. Maybe, people are looking here rather than reading their emails though.
Ultimately, I agree with the above comment that this is not really able to be searched unless it is individual items. And, there are often "deals" on these blasts that aren't that great deals anyway so I think individual products would be better.


I think there's room for both types of posts.

Some folks, like @lavikinga, want to see individual product deals, and I'm sure there are plenty out there who like to browse and would enjoy knowing about the sitewide sales that are going on.

Just make sure you tattle to RIP your "whole sale" deal when the sale is over.


@durkzilla: Exactly. You know, there's enough room in the description of the deals that if you're doing a "site wide sale" post, you'd have enough room to put examples:
"Kohl's ENTIRE Housewares Department 60% off!" and then in the description add "They've got Cuisinart coffee makers for $40 and KitchenAid Stand mixers for under $200. Great deals. Check out the glassware. Wine glasses are a steal."

My pet peeve is the dope who put NOTHING in the description. No price, no shipping info, nothing at all. Sometimes I help the rest of us out by putting some info in a comment I leave, but lately, meh. Let their deal sink or swim on its own merit.


@durkzilla: Good point! I often see the Newegg "Shell Shocker" deals when searching for something. I get all excited to see something I want for a great price then click on the link and it is now something completely different (and not in a funny, Monty Python-ish way).


It's rarely worthwhile to post an entire event in one deal.

-Some products sell out quicker due to limited quantity
-Some products will generate more popularity than others. The popular represents the best deals, worth promotion to the popular page. The crappy items will fade into oblivion where they belong.
-Comments will all be in the same context. It's not easy reading two pages of commentary here just on one item. On 3 dozen items? Forget it.

However, people posting pages of items, regardless of worthiness is annoying as well. I agree. Ideally Woot will implement a "hide this deal" button. That way, you can quickly remove anything not worthwhile from the recent tab. (Only for your own viewing.)