questionsi ordered the woot deal yesterday (electric…


Hi, and welcome to!

It's important to understand the distinction between deals.woot and proper. This is a site where users post deals that they find interesting-- regardless of who is selling the items-- and where others can comment (and vote) on those postings. Unlike, deals.woot doesn't sell anything on its own.

What confuses some people is that and deals are linked here. But those are still separate entities from deals.woot.

I'm not staff, but from the members page ( I can see that you've wooted twice in the past. You might want to pick an avatar, by the way. When you're interested in those purchases (including sellout), simply check your Woot order history via the corresponding "my account" link.


The razor was sold by woot "classic" so you want the first link in the above list.

Regarding purchases of items found on this site, know that once you click on an external link, you are exiting the woot universe. You need to deal directly with the retailer from whom you made your purchase.

P.S. Should you need to contact Woot staff further regarding this purchase, follow this link


That would be in your Woot account:
They will update there when the item is shipped.


Honestly, I don't order online because I do want to see the product personally.