questionshow much more are you getting in your inbox sinceā€¦


It has been laughable. Sears sends me 3-5 emails a day. I mean, really?
Overall I would say I receive triple the amount of email during the holiday season. The ones that crack me up are the retailers who I have never bought anything from but put in their emails "the reason you are getting this email is because you have purchased from us before".... NO I HAVEN'T


Quite a bit more, but most I nipped in the bud immediately. Some sites allow you to opt in or out during the signup, or checkout process, so I did it there. Those that have sent me a more than one email a day, I used their unsub link. A few a stuck with for a little bit, because I wanted to know about deals.. but were emailing me, what seemed like, constantly.

I'm most nervous as to what will happen after Christmas, when these sites start selling my info more.


No increase for me at all.

Then again, I happened to only purchase from a few merchants online this year - all of which I've previously had an account with so I already don't get their emails. And I'm quite careful at every check out to make sure no one's added one of those pesky already-checked "subscribe" boxes.


I'm with @smtatertot13 in the sense that my mail is steadily the same as before and I always look for the "subscribe" boxes.


My junkmail is filled to the brim with fresh spam.


Mine has definitely seen higher traffic. I need to go through and opt-out on the worst offenders. The ones that are really getting to me are the ones that follow this pattern:

DAY 1: Shop our best sale of the season now!
DAY 2: Best deals of the season are almost gone!
DAY 3: LAST DAY for best deals of the season!
DAY 4: Shop our best sale of the year now!
...Lather, rinse, repeat....


@alpayton: Don't forget "WE EXTENDED THE SALE!"