questionshow can i cool down my video card?


There are after-market video card coolers out there:

Edit: Link to Newegg search results didn't work :-(

Go to your favorite hardware reseller site and search on "9800 cooler"


I recommend getting an Acellero S1 cooler by Arctic cooling (if it will fit in your case). I had some problems with my old 8800GT running in the mid 70s, and after adding that cooler, even after several hours of full load, it would only peak at around 60. They run 30-40 if you can find them on Ebay or Amazon.

Good luck!


A better fan in the side of your computer case helps. Anything that lowers the overal temp in the computer will lower the video card temp. So correcting CPU heating issues will help. Anything in there really.

As mentioned video card coolers are great, but best done in conjunction with efforts to reduce excess heat from all components. So start with the easy fixes and work toward that one.


I've had an ATI card burn out after I added custom cooling. I don't think the power regulation chips were cooled quite enough (the kit had a large HSF for the GPU chip, and stick-on radiators for the RAM chips. The power regulation chips (which had previously been covered by the stock heatsink, way out on the edge of the card, were left in the, um..."cold", so to say.

Just be careful that whatever solution you find takes care of every chip that the stock HSF covers.


1) Buy an upright frost-free freezer (would hate to get frost on your components)
2) Place Tower in freezer
3) Drill hole in Freezer for the cables to come out of and attach to both the wall and your monitor.
4) Place some Jägermeister next to your Tower
5) Play Crisis and drink Jäger Bombs to your hearts content!


Just chuck the whole thing in an encasement of cooking oil. :D
This guy did:,1203.html


@dmaz: Cooking oil? Not sure I'd recommend that. Wouldn't it go bad eventually?

Mineral oil seems to be a fairly common one. Here is a site that made one, it is a boutique computer shop:

There is a good Q&A section at the end that covers a lot of important details worth considering. They had it running at least two years, according to some of the answers there.

Still, not something for most people to try.

Personally, I'd try to get better airflow in the case itself before I started tweaking the video card's cooling, only resorting to that if I couldn't fix it with adding more / better fans, or potentially getting a better case.


You said it's an evga card, so it can more than likely use EVGA precision which is free from the company on their website and lets you change the cards fan speed. Also try taking the card out and using canned air on the fan, my GTX 260 was going up to 90 Celsius during the summer, blew it out, upped the fan a little and now 70 is the highest it goes under heavy loads.