questionsanyone else curious if @jsimsace quit smoking?


Thanks for asking....midnight will be the end of day 3 without a cigarette or nicotine. :) Do I enjoy it right now? :( Will I enjoy it later? :)


@jsimsace: For the first few months, you should put the money you'd normally spend on smoking into a jar. Then buy yourself something nice as a reward for your achievement.


@capguncowboy: Thanks for the tip CGC. I suppose a carton of smokes would be taboo, and hopefully I won't need a respirator. :) Maybe some stuff from DW? For sure I'll never buy any deal that @lichme posted, since he "retired". Lying SOB. :)


@jsimsace: @capguncowboy has a great idea, you'll probably be surprised at how much money you'll have saved from not buying the cigarettes. 3 days is great! Keep it up, it will only get easier (so I'm told, I've never smoked). I'm just glad to hear you are on the right track!


Keep it up! I've been analog free for just over two months. Feeling friggin great. The parental units (both runners) are coming to town next month and we are running a 5K together. I never could have dreamed doing that before kicking the habit.

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Booster Pack: (pun intended)
Long ago I started working at this place and a guy had a rubber band on his wrist, he kept pulling it out and snapping it. A few days of this and I asked someone 'what's up with that?'. Turns out he quit smoking cold turkey and the rubber band was his method of quitting. He would snap the band when ever he felt the urge to smoke. I mentioned this to my pal who quit, she used the rubber band for a few months (after Chantax ended). She has been a nonsmoker for over a year. (17 years later he is still a non smoker too)

The whole idea is Pavlov's dog, smoking = pain mixed with replacement of a habit instead of smoking snapping.


Don't give up! On cigarettes, I mean.


@jsimsace: How is the Chantix treating you? I'm going in to talk to my doc about it next week.


@thumperchick: I sent you a PM over at woot! proper. Gawd, I hate this PM BS that we have to deal with. Anyone listening, @shawnmiller or whoever?


@thumperchick: Hey, I sent a looooong response to your hotmail addy. Did you get it? Just a courtesy reply of yes/no will suffice. Just wanted to give you a heads-up in case it was caught by a spam filter.


@jsimsace: I just sent you a new reply. I'm sorry the first one never made it.