questionsdo you make new year’s resolutions?


Nope and I always thought it was weird for others that did.

So imagine someone that smokes says, "I'm going to quit smoking on January 1st". Don't you think if they were serious about quitting that they would quit now? Why wait until a specific date? I think it's just an excuse to continue smoking a bit longer.

Same goes for weight loss. If you're serious about eating less or exercising, you can do that immediately. You do not have to wait until January first to start.


I make them and then break them within the month. But oh how accomplished I feel that one month. Worth it.


Yes and I have been pretty successful with a few the past few years.
Last year was to quit smoking cigarettes and coming second week of this Jan will be a year. Tried to quit on New Years, but it's just way to hard to cold cold turkey. Had to ween myself off.

This year mine is to save some money and get out of my rent situation and get my own home. Now with the baby I want my own piece of property for us to be a family.


Two years ago I wrote down some financial and personal goals for the year. Not so much resolutions, just goals for 2011. I wrote them on construction paper and taped it by the door in my bedroom. I saw the goals every day, didn't necessarily sit and focus on them but I SAW them.

I met all the goals (paid off all the credit cards, for one!). I didn't do the same in 2012 but I think I will for 2013. This year I will use some nicer paper, though. And perhaps a frame.


I can't. I made a New Year's Resolution not to make any more New Year's resolution once.


I do. How else would I disappoint myself every January 10th?


@capguncowboy: Why wait til the 10th? Disappoint yourself on new years, set the year off right! :D


Mine is to get to respond to an email. I guess they are a little bogged down right now.


@mrsbeny: That sounds like a great idea. I think I will use that this year and hopefully it will be the extra little push I need to be successful.


I try and make goals year round, not necessarily just for the new year. I'm not saying that I always succeed...


@cengland0: Behavior modification is quite difficult; it's helpful to observe cues before changing a behavior and to plan responses after changing the behavior. For example, a person who decided to quit smoking might pay attention to the situations that "cued" smoking and develop strategies to implement when those cues arise. If someone regularly takes a break to smoke at 10AM, he/she will want to take a break to smoke at 10AM; deciding in advance to take a brisk walk at 10AM would make him/her more likely to maintain the behavior (i.e., not smoking) than if she/he was unprepared for the cue and instead stayed at his/her desk thinking "iwannasmokecantiwannasmoke."

Many of our behaviors are encouraged or supported by the social structures around us; sometimes those structures don't want us to change or aren't prepared for it: understanding those structures and planning reactions in advance make it much more likely that someone will be able to follow through with behavioral change.


Any resolution I make I resolve to break within 24 hours so I don't have the sense of impending failure hanging over me.


@wisenekt: Apart from the usual advisements to check your spam folder, and be sure to give them 1-2 business days (M-F, no holidays), all I can do is advise you to mail again and include any previous case numbers so you can help them locate things faster.


My 2013 resolution will be to ignore all doomsday prophecies. Anyone need 300 cans of tuna and 901 cans beans? Freaking Mayans....


I like to set goals. They're not really resolutions, but it is helpful to have a determined starting point. The new year works well for that. My goals are to exercise more, continue to lose weight, and to think before I speak/post.

I am on a self-imposed hiatus from posting on the shirt.woot forums. I still read them, but haven't posted in nearly a month. I may or may not rejoin the conversations in the future. If I do, it will be with a much better attitude.


@inkycatz: never got far enough to get a case number. Sent two emails one on Dec 22nd and one on Dec 27th and zero response all together. From prior experience I know that is not the norm so I will send another email after New Years when everyone should be back.


yes to drink more beer,,,,woot woot


Nah. I just roll with the punches.


Never. Like @cengland0, if there's something in my life or my behavior that I want to change, I set about trying to change it. Every single day has the potential to be a new beginning, not just January 1st.