questionshelp!!! what is the best treadmill under $2000?


I love CL for certain things, but buying a tredmill without a warranty can be a hassel when a new one can have problems and need replacement parts straight out of the box!

The other problem is that a good tredmill needs maintanence and on most used ones it has not been done unless you buy a used one from a gym. Ask auntie if her gym is geting rid of any!

Also this may help...


@secretagentman02: we are just getting over our bath from TS andrea, the side walk is great when it is nice out. 24 hours of rain does not make for the best environment for walking. When the temp gets to 98 degrees with 80% humidity it is kind of nice to be able to be inside a temp controlled room. Plus where am I supposed to hang my cloths when I don't use it???


@107bear: thanks, really nice review site.


Best time to buy one new is New Year's. Best time to buy one used is March :-)

We bought an elliptical machine, not a treadmill, but we bought it direct from the manufacturer, no tax and free shipping and it was maybe half of retail. We know, because there's a retail store in town that sells this equipment and not only were they twice as much for the same model number, they were last year's model.

In my case, we needed something low impact and would support my weight and they make some sturdy stuff.