questionswhat new tv series this year are you going to…


"Hell on Wheels." Looks excellent. Can't wait for the premiere in November.

Also, this seems like an appropriate place for this... that new sitcom "Whitney" looks like the worst sitcom in awhile, and that's saying a lot. I mean the previews are just painful, and they're only about 30 seconds long. I predict it lasts 4 episodes, and only that long because it has a favorable timeslot.


Non cause they all suck. I rather watch reruns of Married with Children, at least that show made me laugh, and oh yeah also Dexter, can't wait for Dexter to be back on again, come on Showtime...... Give me my Dexter


@novastarj: Sucks cause Whitney Cummings is f*cking hilarious, but network TV isn't the right place for her.

I feel that way about Two Broke Girls, I cringe every time I see the . CBS shows suck for the most part, if not for the Big Bang Theory, i'd be totally done with them.

Was kinda excited for Up All Night, but after the first ep, I wasn't impressed.

Im intrigued by Person of Interest, because it stars Jesus (Jim Caviezel)and Ben Linus (Michael Emerson)


@novastarj: At the risk of posting another comment that gets downvoted up the wazoo:

A few years ago, I felt as you do about Whitney, except about Parks and Recreation (I watched the first episode and decided that it would likely be cancelled within a few weeks, if not immediately). Last night at the Emmys, whatever her name is was up on stage in the running for Best Female Lead in a Comedy Series...

And apparently I need to go watch Modern Family as well.

As for this season's new shows, I just went through a list of the ones on broadcast TV and I'll make a point of trying Terra Nova, Suburgatory, Pan Am and Prime Suspect. I'm sure I'll watch a few others as well. And then there are the new series on the cable networks, which I don't have time to look through right now.


I saw a few minutes of an online preview of "The New Girl" and I wanted to like it. But you can't make you lead character flighty and quirky and have the character be aware of it. Pheobe on "Friends" worked because her behavior was normal from her point of view. The character on "The New Girl" practically walks up to people and says "Hi, I'm quirky." It just doesn't work.


Ringer. So happy Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to tv. I'm a huge Buffy fan, so I love nearly everything she's done, even the Scooby Doo movies.


I'm excited to watch Whitney and Ringer. I missed the premiere of ringer, however I'm hearing it was pretty good. The new girl has potential, I guess we have to wait and see.