questionshave you heard of the copyright alert system?


So if we work our way up to chronic violator we'll be good to go?


@samstag: Maybe they have something else special (read: sinister) planned for the chronic crowd.


@bnbsouthworth: The serious violators use VPNs and proxies to stay anonymous. When they say they're only going after the casual pirates what they mean is that's the best they can do.


I'm not worried because I don't steal content.


A colleague was allegedly caught using... torrents or shareaza, both are P2P and I can not remember what one he was allegedly using.
What happened is his internet was down.
So he called in, they informed him he was illegally downloading a movie and shut off his internet. Someone filed a grievance.
He claimed ignorance.
They sent him something to sign (basically promising to stop stealing copyrighted material), via snail mail. His internet would be turned back on once he signed the paper, sent it, they received it, and processed it.
He went without internet for 20 days.

This was several years ago. He is so afraid of this, I had to download a legitimate CD for his dell from Torrents. IMHOP If they really wanted to stop torrents they could do this across the board,for some reason they do not want to stop it or what they did was illegal.


I use a vpn. And I'm definitely chronic.
uT stats 10.2 TB up 11 TB down. over the last 18 months.
Thank god for ISP's that don't care how what or how much traffic you have!

*disclaimer: All legal stuff, of course.


Hello Usenet.
I haven't seen you since 1998.

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@moondrake: Virtual Pirate* Network

*actually, it's private.

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