questionshave you unlocked and rooted your android phone?


I'm a Tmobile guy and have mostly used HTC phones (also Acer and Nook tablets), but the gist of it is the same. All but one of my devices is rooted (it is my work phone and since I already have other rooted devices, I've never needed it to be rooted... I basically use it for wifi tethering and it serves as a leash from work).

As I've told both of my daughters, the important thing is to read the entire thread and any referenced threads on xda-developers and make sure you understand things before you start screwing with your phone or tablet. For the most part you have to try really hard to actually brick an Android device, but it can be done. Take it slow and don't try to be the first kid on your block with the newest whatever and you should be fine.


I used to unlock and root my Verizon phones mainly to get at free WiFi hotspot capability...Now that FoxFi works on my new phone without rooting, it is less of a concern. 4.1 will come to my phone soon enough.


I haven't...mainly because of time. I'm so busy at this point in my life, that I seriously don't have even a few hours to just "waste"...I would like to at some point though...still running Android 2.3 sucks.
I agree with the comment about XDA though -- very good stuff on there.


I finished it up last night and it worked like a charm. The toolkit really makes it idiot resistant for a nexus device. Simple clicks and on screen step by step directions. Loving 4.1.1!