questionswhere's the software for the jvc gz-hm40bu…


If you are referring to this camcorder deal I see no mention of software. BTW, this is a user forum where we grouse, have fun, cry, etc. Try contacting for a useful response.


Everio MediaBrowser 4 provided in camera.
sounds like its preinstalled into the device. Have you plugged it in to your comp yet?


In short no. I'll try it later today....


Kenwod has replied! On a Sunday none the less! They also say the software is installed into the camera. So its it looks like I just have to plug in to make it play..... Thanks


I believe others are correct in that the camera contains the software and will install it when plugged in.

I have never used it. I just copy the .mts files from the SD card. Vegas Pro natively handles AVCHD files.