questionswhat's going on with the top voters?


I'm sure that people have just given up on this one. It seems like it's broken more than it's fixed.

So it goes.


It's been broken as far as I know the day the Nov. Woot-off started. I only know this because I was all super excited I was going to be #1 for the first time ever but it broke, so I'm sad I never got to be the big cheese for a day. Oh well, I'll get there someday, just have to keep voting!


@tiamat114: Are you sure? because I could have sworn I saw it changing last week and it just stopped again 2 days ago... I could have sworn I was up at #2 or #3 on thursday... at least that's what my mind wanted me to see... Is it possible I just completely made the memories up because it's been broken for so long? Stuff like that creeps me out.


@cowboydann: It's off, mostly. It's been fixed a few times, but it just doesn't stay fixed. It's like a lot of things, really. It's never as interesting to fix bugs as it is to make new stuff.

What makes me saddest is that it was one of the few things that really give quick feedback, even if it was only for the top fifteen. If I could change anything about the leaderboard, it would be the gauges, and the hints (I'd like to see them gone, gone, gone).

It is what it is.


I am so unworthy. The board broke (yes, again) over the weekend. And yes, it shows that I am #1, but alas and alack, it is broken and I am not, was not, and probably will never be #1.

But I am enjoying seeing my name, if not in lights, at least up at the top. For now.