questionschallenge: best 42"+ hdtv for 600-800?


How about this one?
It is a Samsung 46"/1080p/120h sold at Best Buy so $797.99 plus tax.
There is even a financing offer for 18 months if you like that.

Is there a particular store that you would prefer to shop at or a brand that you prefer?
Do you care for internet capabilities such as streaming netflix, youtube, etc...?


@hizzo87: That one looks pretty good, but I have seen enough complaints on Samsung to make me paranoid. Which is awful, since I have a Samsung 27" (P2770HD) that I love and have had no trouble with!

Store - preferably online if possible.
Features - Don't really care. Main reason for the upgrade is to get better video from our Xbox 360, which is what we are using for Netflix as well. This really is mostly for Netflix / Gaming, with some broadcast TV thrown in.

Biggest feature I am looking for is a glossy screen. Just something that is a bit sturdier than the naked LCD panel like most laptops at least used to have.

I also found this one:

$100 more, but LG is supposedly a good brand. Again, I just can't find out if it is glossy or not! Just downloaded the manual to see if that sheds any light on things...


@hizzo87: Just got a not found from that link.

Thought I just edited this. Guess it didn't work?

Glossy isn't the main requirement. Any additional kid-proofing is. Glossy should help if our 19 month old decides that pressing the LCD is more fun than pressing the ON button.

I wish we could wall-mount, that's just not an option.

Plasma would be nice due to the lower price point, but burn in really scares me as well. If the TV gets left on once the Netflix show is over, that means a static image until someone notices.


Ok how about this one?

A Sony Bravia 46" 1080p for $698.99 but it's 60hz. I'm not sure if it's glossy but usually Sony TVs are.


@hizzo87: Ah, you keep reminding me of more things I left out. If at all possible, hoping for 120hz.

With my list of requirements there's probably one or two televisions that fit the bill and are in price range, but likely not a well known manufacturer.


Oo..then that deal on the popular tab looks pretty good.

Ya gotta hurry though. lol Right now it says there's only 1 in stock.

EDIT-Nvm sold out now. It seems like it's dead then undead then dead again.


@hizzo87: That looked pretty good. Do any of these sets list whether the LCD is exposed or covered? I had considered that deal earlier, but couldn't find that one bit of information!


Lately,I haven't seen that info much when researching televisions. Usually to check if it's glossy or matte, I check youtube or cnet for user reviews.