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Back when I was younger and in high school...5 years ago, I would take pop bottles and look under the caps for free pop. I worked at one of the gas stations in town so every once and a while I would go into the cooler for 20 mins and find all of the free pop winners and set them aside. I easily "won" at least 50 in a row.

Also, whenever I want pizza hut, I will go and create a new email account so that I can join the membership club and get free breadsticks, I will also vary the birthday of each account to periodically get more free food.


I place items on my Amazon Wish List. Periodically, I check the list to see if the price has lowered. Happens quite often - they show both increases & decreases. Naturally, I check other sites I buy from (and their weekly ads) to see if there's anything on sale that I can stock up on. As long as I have room, I'll buy in bulk.

Speaking of Costco (the word 'bulk' reminded me), I use my Amex Costco card to receive a savings given back to me. Also, I use Mr. Rebates. And...I check here on deals for sales I might not be aware of.

@moondrake: Your double-dipping is quite clever. Good for you!


I use a variety of cost saving routines. I use Ebates and Fat Wallet religiously. I also have several items with Amazon subscribe and save (when it was still 15%). I use my Bank of America cash rewards for gas and for their bonuses. I get a free bag of dog food for every 10 bags I buy at Petco. My DH and I eat out on Monday and Tuesday because our favorite restaurants are half price on those days. I have a Sam's Club membership, but that is just convenience as most things are about the same price there. I do not buy gift cards, but only because I would loose them. I have thought about it and think it is a viable option, I just can't keep up with things. I also use Shoprunner for shipping, and retailmenot and others for coupon codes.


I sign up myself and The Spouse for any restaurants we like that offer freebies to their "club" members, such as Moe's, IHOP, Hardee's, and a few others. We get free meals on our birthdays and on the anniversary of our joining, along with occasional extra offrers. I don't create multiple accounts, though; my mama would rise up and haunt me.

We also do @moondrake 's trick with gift cards, buying a bunch to last the year and thus getting the bonus cards free.

We're not "extreme couponer" folks, and our house is way too small to dedicate a room as a storage closet, but I subscribe to a coupon clipping service and stock up on a few staples when I can. (We probably still have 50 containers of Crystal Light stuffed into the linen closet.)

We put everything onto one of two credit cards (one with reward points, one with cash back) and pay them off every month. I "earn" about one $25 restaurant gift card every other month for buying the stuff I'd buy anyway.


@pyxientx: I have a small wooden box just big enough to hold gift/credit cards hidden in my closet and I keep all my gift cards, store credit cards and club cards in that. Since I rarely go to those places spontaneously, I can get out whichever cards I will need for the day and put them back when I get home.


@moondrake: Hell, I would never remember I had them. Out of sight, out of mind. My husband would find them one day, but who knows how long that would take. Maybe that is the answer to my retirement. :)


I buy a lot online and sign up to get extra discounts. Some stores only use click throughs.
Vitacost is one.
Amazon subscribe and save on some things. -- I just got 15% off 5 items that were all on sale and one had a coupon. also has some cash back quarterly program.
I charge everything to cards that earn me something and pay them off every month.
I did buy a gift card this year for my favorite local pizza place. I don't eat it very often, so it will last me.
If I find something on sale somewhere that I use often I will stock up.
I buy cat food from the local feed store. They give me a good case price. The manufacturer only sends out 1 lousy dollar coupon a month and it can only be used for a short time, so there's no using multiples to really save and make it very worth while. I figure if I feed them better food, it will save on vet bills later.
I always google search for promo codes for online and coupons for any store I might be going to or particular item.


Good tips everyone! Here are some of mine:

1. The local gas station takes 6 cents off if you pay in cash, so I always make sure to carry cash when I fuel up.

2. For groceries, I'll usually buy things that are cheaper if you carry the store's shopper card. Kroger's plus card is the best in my opinion. I used to buy enough groceries there that they would send me coupons in the mail for free stuff like a whole carton of eggs or a gallon of milk. Food Lion's MVP card is also good for stuff like that.

3. For eating out, I'll usually go to the restaurants that have specials on certain days. Like 35 cent wing Mondays at Macado's.

4. I do the Amazon wish list thingy too, although that's for more impulsive buys in my case.

5. I also search the web for coupons if I'm not buying from Amazon. One great site I've used for awhile is which gives you cash back to your paypal account just for going through their site first to buy from normal websites.


For those of you that shop at Kroger. Make sure you download their app for the digital coupons. They have a free item worth about a dollar every Friday. The coupon is good for two weeks but you have to add it to your list on Friday. My girlfriend and I double up on the freebie since we both have a Kroger Plus card.

Also, I recommend Entertainment books. They also have an app now that will allow you to search for coupons by your current location. They will pay for themselves in only a couple of uses.


I will wait for the 30% off almost everything sale has a few times a year and stock up on toiletries. I jump on almost any deal on non-perishable household goods since I know I'll end up needing it sooner or later. I haven't bought paper towels since this ( staples deal from a year ago.


I am not sure why this got stuck under "everything but deals" as it is expressly talking about how to go about getting good deals on regular purchases. Meanwhile, "Is there a place to hang an air freshener in your car" and "How do I stop notification sounds on my phone" are still on Popular, apparently for some reason those don't fall under "Anything but deals". "Should I expire a deal?" "Rattle the cage" and all those customer service threads which should have gotten "meta" tags are on the Popular tab as well. There doesn't seem to be any kind of rational differentiation between what is discussion about a deal and what is not. Par for the course around here these days, I guess.


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