questionswhy can't i send a private message through deals…


Dunno. PM is still buried in the nether regions of the woot community, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to get a notification when someone sends you one. Hence, the tagging in deals.woot of handles to let folks know they have a pm.

Should we flood the beta feedback with requests? :)


I was hoping that, and a mobile site would be forthcoming during the last round of "improvements". Alas, it isn't so. We will continue to send smoke signals, and unintentionally going to links.

Yummy cat-n-waffles!


It took me quite a while to find out where to send you a PM originally, @carl669 helped track down a post you made. Definitely something that could use some improvement. Thanks again!


@lichme: Oh you're very welcome. I hope you enjoy the lights.

@okham: Flood away. :)

@pickypickypicky: Mobile site of Deals.woot would have been awesome.


@okham: Done. Who is with us on this one?


@inkycats: What's your take in all this? (Really just wanted to tag you so that you would see the awesome cats, and possibly add to it.)


@xarous: Pssst. :::whispering::: (It's inkycatz)


@jsimsace: OMG, I knew this medicine was affecting me...@inkycatz can you please edit my previous post so I don't look like even more of an idiot, oh and edit this one too. :)


Private messaging on deals is definitely something I've been pushing internally. It's weird that it's not here. That doesn't mean it'll happen, or at least happen immediately.

The long and short of it is, deals.woot is a very different platform, relying on very different technology, than the other parts of Woot. That's becoming less and less true, but at the time, it meant private messaging couldn't happen, or at least wasn't something that could be effectively coded, and probably wouldn't sync with the other side of things.