questionsare memory foam mattress pads worth it?


I'm sure quality will vary with different manufacturers, but I got a 2" memory foam topper for my queen sized bed and it flattened out so easily that it made almost no difference at all. Out of sheer laziness, I left the topper on the mattress but had to take it off three months later because it was bunching up in spots. Very uncomfortable spots.

You'd probably be better off with a memory foam mattress rather than relying on a mattress pad.


I have a pretty good mattress that's too firm. I got a 4" memory foam topper and a padded mattress pad, and with those, it is wonderful. The mattress pad cuts down on feeling the eggcrate texture of the foam topper.

This is the one I have: It is sturdy and stays in place, and I have been sleeping on it for 8 months and it still seems just like the day I bought it.

I definitely think it would even out some lumpiness. It does make the bed warmer, because the memory foam reflects your body heat back to you.


i have a memory foam mattress (not hte pad) and i love it


I picked up a 2 inch pad for my mattress that is old and pretty well worn and it made a world of difference. It is now 3 years later and I am just now considering time to get a new mattress because it is getting a couple of lumpy spots thru the topper. It made a world of difference for my bed and I would suggest it.


The foam tops to a mattress do move as others said, and they also tend to hold the body heat more. I like it cold when I sleep. In the summer that mattress thing sucks unless the AC is cranked up.

Just my personal experience. After about half that summer I got rid of the pad and bought a regular mattress. So much cooler.


We own this one:

and have had it for over a year now. We paid $149 on a black Friday week deal. It has made a lot of difference for me. I have arthritis and my knees and hips are often painful and this is just enough cushion to make me comfortable. We don't find it too hot, even in summer, although we keep our house reasonably cool (but not freezing!). We debated foregoing the flannel sheets when we first got it, because other reviewers say memory foam is hot, but we were fine with the flannels on it. Maybe this particular one is not as hot, or maybe we don't mind the added heat?

Two of our sons are away at college with those flimsy college mattresses. We got them a king size topper (not this one, perhaps at Walmart), cut it in half and they are much happier with their dorm beds. No complaints from either about the heat, and they are the type that like their rooms very cool for sleeping.


I've had back surgery, so I'm kinda particular about mattresses. We bought a Tempurpedic and absolutely hated the thing - neither my wife nor I could get comfortable.

We fought it for a year because of how much we paid for it, then finally gave up and swapped it out for this one: for 1/3 the price. Perfect level of support, great sleep.

Another good example of where the most expensive is not necessarily the best.


They take a month or two to get broken in and get used to.

After 8 years in the Army, I can sleep just about anywhere, but I seem to sleep more deeply on the foam mattress.

We got ours from . I wanna say it's a 12" memory foam mattress. I can't remember what we paid for it, but it was less than a regular mattress was. We broke the frame it came with after several months though, and replaced it with an inexpensive fold up frame from Costco. It supports the mattress better than the cheap pine frame that it came with.


We bought a memory foam mattress topper for my wife hoping it would help her back pains. It was a 2" visco elastic memory foam topper from Sleep Studio. It not only helped her back but we also sleep much better. Worth every penny! I wrote a review here: