questionswhen is it time to give up?


What do you mean by "give up"? Please don't harm yourself or others.


I know what you mean when it comes to kids, and I don't even have any! But my co-workers do and my cousins do and if it's not one thing with them it's another. By the time they get one thing straightened out, another rears it's ugly head, which is what it sounds like for your grandkids, and 4 of them at that! But that's the great stuff that makes for all the funny family stories that you get to laugh about after they get older. Now, trying to live through it and endure it is enough to make you want to pull out your hair! Hang in there and be glad they are back home so your not the one dealing with the lice since you dealt with the stomach bug!!


Not planning on harming myself silly person! Just mean throwing my hands up in the air and saying "jeesh". Feel really sorry for daughter, she has to break the news to a LOT of family and friends and do lots of cleaning.


@gigi889: Oh, whew! Hard to tell a cry for help on the interwebz. :) You know what they say; when it rains, it pours. Fret not, there will be a rainbow on the other side of this. Do the best to simplify your life and remove other stress-inducing elements. Don't bite-off more than you can chew. It doesn't always work that way, but it's something to strive for.


@bsmith1: eating lots of chocolate and playing Super Mario.


@gigi889: You sound like an awesome grandma


@gigi889: Definitely be glad you got flu over lice. Those poor babies!!! Now, chocolate, hiding, and a good book! :)


There's something to be said for running screaming from the room from time to time.
Unfortunately, being a responsible adult means that after you catch your breath and maybe get a drink of water you have to go back in and face whatever it was that you were running away from. But nothing wrong with taking a little break.


It gets better.

When they are all old enough to be at college, you will have a few years of peace before they move back because they can't find jobs, you die or you die because they move back.


As soon as you encounter any resistance or trouble. No sense in putting things off, I say give up IMMEDIATELY. Move on, find something else that's easier.

I hear knitting can be pretty easy.. maybe try knitting?