questionsis there a better way to browse amazon blackā€¦


I wish there was a way to not see deals that were already sold out or otherwise unavailable. It is also annoying to have to start scrolling through from the beginning every time you click through to look at the details of something. I guess they are trying to keep us there as long as possible.

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@cf: There are "sub-tabs" under the "Today's Lightning Deals" heading the middle of the page. You will find "All Available / Upcoming / Missed Deals" available to click.


You can also select a category of goods to look at, like electronics, video games, etc. That makes it much more manageable. It would be great if they had a "go to page __" option, but I haven't found anything like that.


I guess I was hoping for a link to the secret page :)

Thx for replies! More ideas out there?


I have a feeling it's to pace people. If you see all of them and can just blast through and click "add to cart" on all of them at once, it would hammer them.


Have you tried it lately? I think it's getting easier as they sell out of items.


It's strangely weak on iPad. Very frustrating. It's better on a desktop/laptop.


Yes, much easier as many of the ittems either sell out, or the discount window comes to an end. But I do find the format way frustrating. I try to go thru some of them - as many as I can stand to click thru - on my Samsung S3. Very easy to tap the wrong spot and have to start over. And difficult to deal with - hard to right-click to look at the details of something I might want, hard to remember to check back 4 times a day when the stuff i might want comes up.... unless I just happen on a deal that's live, I don't bother to try to buy stuff that way. I wish it were easier to track, was hoping Wooters knew the secret. Thanks anyway!


It turns out the Amazon App for Android does this better than the Amz desktop site, at least for me. Possibly also true for Iphone app?

With the Android App hit MENU then MORE then TODAYS DEALS then LIGHTNING DEALS. You can then scroll them.

I dislike the app for general browsing of the Amz site, but for Lightning deals, might save much frustration.

Side note: in my experience, the Waitlist' feature will NOT work on mobile browsers.