questionsdoes anyone tuck in a polo shirt, anymore?


Assuming we're talking about men, I think it's down to whether you're in metrosexual shape and wearing similarly close-fitting garments. In that case, tucking in makes sense. Otherwise ... you wind up just highlighting any muffin-topping going on, or making it look like that's the case even if it isn't.


In a business casual environment, yes. I wear "polo" shirts when the weather warms up and I tuck them in (while wearing khaki slacks.) I'm not a rapper either, but I am in shape and don't suffer from the muffin top. I think if you're wearing jeans you can go untucked, it goes either or and definitely depends on the work environment.


I tuck them in only if I need to "look nice", because somehow being untucked is too relaxed looking for certain situations.


@irishrachael: newb!

I am going to a clients office and it isn't very formal there. Slacks, not jeans, though.


As long as you are wearing black socks pulled up over your calves with sandals, then I say "yes".


required at my office unless a casual day


If I'm wearing a polo shirt in a work environment, yes, I tuck it in. If I'm wearing one "out and about" it depends. More often than not, I won't tuck it in.

Still, I very rarely wear polo shirts. Most of what I wear are full button-down shirts - which almost always get tucked in. Tucking in a shirt shows professionalism & that you care about your appearance. I like showing that I actually care what I look like... it also can noticeably change how people interact with you. Having your shirt tucked in, whatever kind of shirt it is, looks crisper & neater.


@psaux: Being in shape is metrosexual now?
I guess some people will use any excuse to not hit the gym...


uhhh I'm 28 and I tuck now I am feeling all self-conscious when did tucking go out of style ?


@stryker4526: No, I'm referring to a less-muscular, more-skinny look. To look good tucked, the polo has to be very close fitting, but a close fitting polo on someone muscular looks rather ridiculous.... think "Body by Jake."

All that said, I really wish someone didn't keep cleaning out all the reading material in the bathroom aside from fashion magazines.


What about dress shirts with tails? It bothers me to see guys wandering around town with the tails untucked, but the shirt buttoned up. Same goes for that stupid look for women with the sweater-vest-pullover thingy with the shirt tails sticking out from underneath. Just looks like they're trying too hard to look fashionably sloppy.


@s21: I ain't falling for your trickery! I ain't got time for dat!

@lavikinga: No lie, when I go out with some younger folk, I do wear a shirt with shortish tails to wear un-tucked.

@mkentosh: You, my dear sir, are a tough crowd.


I don't play Polo, so I don't wear those shirts.


Are we talking about horse polo or water polo? I'm pretty sure that they are shirtless in the water kind.


I'm in my early 30s and always tuck in my polo shirts, which I wear to work pretty much every day. Am I that uncool??


I thought the burning question was pop-collar or non pop-collar.

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@zethreal: Thank you. That is a perfect answer in my book.
I too wear a polo at least 3 or 4 days a week (when it's warmer). It's always tucked in. It's definitely a case of professionalism.
I'll admit that I'm in good shape, so I don't have the "muffin top" aforementioned.
I have maybe one or two polos that I'll wear with shorts that can go untucked and look good. Also, I can typically wear nice jeans with several of my polos -- some tucked, some untucked.
I think if you're wearing dress slacks or khakis it should be tucked in though.


I usually tuck in my polo shirts (as above, 20-25 miles per week keeps the muffin top away), with one exception. When I am carrying one of my pistols I usually leave it untucked to conceal what I have.