questionswhy did you remove my question about the banana…


At least the related deal still exists.


Woot mods only eat bananas while making direct eye contact. This loses its significance when the banana is sliced.


As I recall, @jumbowoot explained that you can't ask a question that relates to a deal you've posted. Something about double exposure. I've definitely paraphrased this - maybe jumbo will come and correct me.


From @jumbowoot, which he sent to us (so we could answer if needed, and apparently it is):
"Please continue this conversation in the thread for the deal.

Lots of great comments here. Hopefully they will raise the rep of the original post.

This thread will come down.

All told."


@inkycatz: I'd have preferred to delete the deal, and continue the fun discussion that was occurring. Thanks for being a killjoy.

All told.


@kmeltzer: We would prefer that the discussion start and continue in the deal thread itself. That way relevant information about the product would be readily available to any passers-by looking for information on that product.

Thanks for understanding.

All told.


I understand the rule, and the reason.

That said, the deal is stupid, the reviews are stupid, but the thread was fun. sigh


You should maybe then find a way to either "close" discussion on a thread, without eliminating the whole thing, or merge it into another thread.

What you did was erase history. You effectively ended the ongoing discussion. You can't continue what you have erased, it now has to start all over.

I'll just know for next time, if I even bother, don't post a deal.


@kmeltzer: Maybe you could expire the deal and ask the question again? Don't know if that would work, but might be worth a try. (Note: I did not see your original question, can only imagine the responses.)

I saw the banana slicer a few days ago and wondered who in the world would buy it. :-/ After reading some of the Zon 'reviews,' I can see that others feel the same. Sometimes the 'reviews' on products are hysterical! This is one of those times.


Did anyone see my review? I worked really hard on it, and now poof gone. I do not suppose a mod could unpoof it. I really worked hard on it.

@inkycatz: Please?


But, this was a "popular" deal last week when it was apparently deleted. I don't have any evidence of this other than my recollection but I am sure because I did find the amazon comments very funny.


@gmwhit: The deleted thread would still be gone. Just like the super crappy sponsored deal yesterday. It was revealed to be 'not quite as advertised', shall we say, and was deleted. This was quickly discovered to be an 'accident' and reposted, with the sponsor (who was backpedaling like crazy in the previous post) immediately posting and being slightly more honest. Slightly.

That deal eventually got downvoted as well, but the fact remains that many downvotes and several comments were just simply gone.


@caffeine_dude: Here was your review. I had the email notification.

I got a Hutzler 571, but not by choice.

As a daycare provider this thing sure did keep me out of trouble. I used to give the kids steak knives to slice up their bananas for snack, it only makes sense, the kids will learn to be more responsible and it keeps them active when I am cooking lunch. To my surprise, one day they started use the knives on other things then slicing bananas (think the epic scene from 2001 when the cavemen first learned to use the bones as weapons), it was so beautiful to watch it did not occurred to me to stop the chaos, well not until on of the parents showed up. After several lengthy court sessions, it was court mandated I have the kids use the Hutzler 571 on the bananas, to me this seems like over kill but it did keep my daycare open and for this I give it 4 stars, I took one star away because they cut the bananas much faster then a knife, keeping the kids less busy.


The above statement is not entirely true, I gave them butter knives.

@kmeltzer: Thank you!


Monty may be behind this......


@kmeltzer: "History"? Here, let me sip a little water so I can do a spit-take when I reread that.


@caffeine_dude: I didn't even see it, but looks like it got reposted. :)


@caffeine_dude: That would bug the crap out me. A while back I had problems with woot, everything I did would give me an error message (ended up being a glitched setting in Firefox) but I lost so many answers I felt were good/ funny/ I put effort into. After the second time, I started copying the answer before submitting, just in case.

Doesn't terribly help you, but I feel your pain.


@stile99: You've posted in a few places that the "deal" is "stupid." I am not sure if you're referring to the banana slicer itself or the fact that it was posted as a DW Deal, but the banana slicer is the sort of tool that is enormously useful to folks with either developmental or physical disabilities. It's quite common for people to retain enough use of their wrists or arms to be able to push a tool like this through a banana, but not have enough use of their fingers to hold a knife - and people with that kind of physical disability would also be unable to hold a banana to eat it and would need it cut into pieces that could be speared onto an adaptive fork. When this started making the rounds last week, someone posted it on facebook as a "isn't an stupid thing," and another friend responded that she uses it with her students with developmental disabilities and they love the independence that it gives them.


@neuropsychosocial: You are correct, I did say deal. I didn't say device.

However, nor did I downvote the deal. That's not how I roll. Just because some trolls latched onto it and posted a few thousand stupid comments doesn't make the device stupid, nor the deal itself. By 'deal', I mean 'the whole deal of flooding Amazon with a bunch of idiot comments".

As for the deal for the purchase of the device, I can see where a five dollar purchase would greatly enhance some peoples' quality of life. In that sense, this is a heck of a deal. Just because we can pick up a knife and cut a banana in a matter of seconds doesn't mean everyone else can.

PS: Also the deal of overzealous deleting is stupid.


So... the deal didn't get a convo started. So the OP posted a question, referencing the deal. This thread turns fun and gets deleted for detracting from the deal.

But the question about the question about the deal gets to stay?

My brain hurts.


The OP didn't link back to his deal though. Someone else did that.

But, it was a discussion regarding a product that was also posted as a deal. I assume, since both threads were started by the same user, the Question got deleted and the item remained. I agree with the decision to remove the question. No reason to spread the discussion of the item into two locations.


@bogie21: There was no discussion of the deal in the deal. Only discussion of the product/comments in the question. The question, in fact, was posted before the deal.

The decision was bad. And did nothing but kill any fun we were having.