questionshas the majority of television gone stale?


If you mean right now, it's summer and the major broadcast season is over. Only cable is really airing new episodes right now.

The fact is, cheaply produced shows are more profitable even with less viewers. That's here to stay.

Good writing is still out there, and I'm honestly thankful I don't have to watch hours of TV every night to keep up with all that is good.


I only watch scripted shows. Summer shows I watch include Longmire, True Blood, Haven, Dexter, the Newsroom, Falling Skies, Warehouse 13, Burn Notice, Zero Hour, Major Crimes, the Glades, 666 Park Avenue, Being Human (US), Teen Wolf, Rookie Blue, Da Vinci's Demons, Royal Pains, The Borgias, Sinbad, Covert Affairs, Franklin and Bash, The Killing, Pretty Little Liars, Rizzoli and Isles (my friend likes it). I need to check out Defiance and King & Maxwell and I'm looking forward to Under the Dome.

These are not all top quality shows, just fun to watch. But they are more than enough to keep me entertained without ever having to watch runway models snatch each other's hair out, top chefs fillet their sous-chef, billionaires crush dreams, or any other "reality" show. Maybe I am just easy because I grew up with three networks and one grainy UHF channel with no means of recording. You watched what was on or you went outside to play. More choices oddly seem to make people less happy.


Reality shows have always been stale, It is just hype that has kept reality shows around and idol type shows are not much better but at least there is some halfway decent music involved to make up for the horrible judges.


A lot of TV is stale. There's just a lot of space to fill up, and "reality" shows are comparatively cheap to produce than scripted series. Besides, there are people who will watch them, so they continue to get produced. When you think about it, there's more TV than ever before. The larger selection just makes it easier for everything to blend together and harder to find those needles in the haystack.

I no longer have cable, and honestly, the ONLY channel I miss is TCM.


I don't have cable either but I buy my tv on dvd or bluray when I can find a deal. This saves me big bucks on cable tv and leaves Me with OTA tv and selected free roku channels. Reality tv should move all the way to dedicated cable channels to make OTA tv less lame.


Most people I know will complain about reality shows and how they've "ruined TV", but then they can't shut up about last night's big episode and 'like o my gawd did you see what Sharon did to Rex on Celebrity Breastfeeding last night??'

In other words, people seem to watch anything that shows up on the tube, so long as it's hyped enough. So the networks have figured out they might as well not spend money developing decent shows.


Television today is complete garbage. Thank goodness for library's and mother nature.