questionswhat do you do if your deal is falsely expired?


Please post the deal again if it has been labeled "out of stock" at the retailer and has been expired here. It is rare that we will "unexpire" a deal that we have verified as "out of stock".

There is the opposite case where a deal will be "out of stock" at the retailer and properly tattled upon but by the time we are able to verify it, the retailer has added stock. In that case, we won't expire the post because it was valid when we verified it.


I have prematurely tattled cowboom items. I will not do it again but a quick explanation of how cowboom sells a few items and will add a similar item in the answer section may help others who did not understand cowboom's sales.


I usually post a question asking why and then ask jumbowoot 20 billion irrelevant questions while he tries to fix the problem.


People do tend to tattle cowboom early, but not because they are totally wrong, just ignorant. I now put the explanation of how it works in the post. ESPECIALLY the FLASH sales that they have. Of course too many people refuse to read, so it does not always help.