questionsis it fair to vote down redundant comments that…


I was under the impression that posting on the deal (as well as tattling) lets others know that it has been tattled on already...helps keep the number of repeat tattles down and making the Mod's jobs easier.

I appreciate seeing the link to the duplicate as well. (Saves me from having to search for it myself.) Personally I upvote those postings as helpful! (Unless they are really snarky or rude)

Also if you hit the "most recent" button when you search, why wouldn't a new listing show? I see things that were posted just minutes before...


@jimeezlady: There seems to be a time lag before posts show in the most recent, a search, or any other way. It can be up to an hour of time though, and when you go back and look at two "duplicate" posts, it's difficult to see which was actually posted first as the exact posted time is never shown.

I'm not sure how posting the link twice in a comment and in the actual tattle helps the mods.


Your question is somewhat unclear, but I think you're complaining that people comment that they have tattled on a deal?

First off, this question was just asked less than a week ago:

So, I guess your question is a duplicate and I should tattle, but not tell you that I tattled? Or give you the link to find the duplicate post either?


@90mcg112: Actually, I phrased my question differently purposely. I'm not asking why they do it, but is it appropriate to vote down a commenter that does? I personally don't find it all helpful and redundant, but others have said they find it helpful. So it may just be personal preference, but there's nothing stated elsewhere on the site.


@liss: I may not be understanding your question (some days my bulb is dimmer than others.) Let me try again.

By posting IN the deal you tattle on it lets others know you have done it... Otherwise there is no way for others to know it has already been tattled on. It should help cut down on the number of duplicate tattles that the Mods have to wade through.

Also MOST people get an email when anyone posts in their deal, and you do NOT get one when a Mod removes it for being a Duplicate. So for me, it is helpful when someone posts and adds a link. If not I would be left wondering what I did wrong...