questionsbling bling?


Well personally I find that men who wear necklaces are a bit odd and dated in general.

It reminds me of my Italian cousins. But that is me personally. I also think some of the guys who insist on wearing lanyards from past conferences to hold their ID badges are kind of dorky too.

It also depends on the industry you are in. Glass beads are an option.


@hobbit: I agree with your assessment of lanyards and unless you are working retail or personal customer service one shouldn't be wearing one. I think glass beads are very pretty...on women. While I have zero problems with alternative life styles - I definitely don't want to be sending mixed messages via glass beads.


@happyknappybeard: I'm curious about what your ordinary mode of dress is. You might want to consider a string tie. My daddy, a cowboy to the very end, owned only one tie, and the last time I saw him wear one was when most of you were not yet born. He had all sorts of accessories (called bolos) to run the string ties through, from fancy turquoise pieces to understated, functional clasps suitable for more solemn moments, such as funerals. Of course, it went well with his dress Stetson, and I always thought he looked wonderful.

[Edit] In my former life, it was either a lanyard or a pocket protector. Which do you find more geeky? Nearly everyone wore lanyards. Period.


@shrdlu: Those bolos are stinkin awesome. My grandpa use to wear them all the time when I worked with him out in the country and he looked very Eastwood with them. Unfortunately, I am a little bit to casual(tees & lax collars)for them as well as a city dweller but that isn't to say that down the road I wouldn't mind one of these.

I also have worn many a lanyard. I despise them. I have never understood why people try and make them a fashion statement. Might as well read "Hi, My name is letsneverbefriends."

[edit] Are we talking about the same kind of lanyards here? I'm talking about the ones you would get from a place of work.


@happyknappybeard: I'm talking about both kinds. When a badge is used to swipe in and out, and (in some cases) gets you in or out of a man cage, you don't want to be fumbling around in your pocket, only to discover you set it down somewhere and now you don't have it.

Lanyards were always furnished along with the badge when you were hired. I always replaced them with ones that I liked better. Sometimes people would use long necklaces designed for the purpose, and there were various enterprising souls that would have nice side businesses making them (an ordinary necklace wouldn't hold up to the stress).

Man cages: shudder. Some things I just don't miss (claustrophobia, for example).

[Edit] So what is it that you do?


What about leather? I have a friend who wears a Mjolnir amulet on a slender leather ribbon tucked under his shirt. The leather holds up very well.

Hubs never would wear any necklace other than his dog tags, He does sport a Rolex GMT Master on his left, wedding ring and college ring on ring finger of same along with an elephant hair bracelet. It's a busy hand.


@shrdlu: Everything and nothing...

Did that make me sound deep? I hope that made me sound deep. I try to walk that fine line between being smart a$$ and a dumb a$$ mostly. Since nobody likes either one it's a constant battle to keep it at equilibrium. As I'm sure you have seen - I have great potential for being both.

While I'm doing that I work as a full time editor/part time English tutor/and dabble in writing. My current employment allows me to be very casual and comfortable.


@happyknappybeard: Perhaps your editing skills will help you to notice that "dabble" has two Bs and not one.

[Edit] Now that I know your claim to fame, I will hold you to a higher standard.


@shrdlu: I never said I did it alone ;)>.

[edit: Please do! I am very meticulous in my work but not so much in the social areas. If I were to scrutinize everything I wrote I would never get to see what everyone else had to say/deal. It's one of those things where I mentally correct everyone else's work. You could say it's kind of a mental exercise for me that is fun.]


@shrdlu: See, now I want to edit my edit but I missed the edit window. I'm self conscious now and going back to small words and simple sentence structure.


@lavikinga: You might be onto something with the amulet. I could see myself wearing a small and simple one. I'm assuming most are made from pewter?


@happyknappybeard I've actually tattled on something where I simply couldn't take the typographical error. I was so very grateful when we got the ability to edit, and I would say that I've been known to take advantage of it for up to {mumble} minutes, which you can do by posting, editing the comment, editing it in a new window, commit the first changes, go back and edit (all the while leaving the other edit going), and so on.

I am very compulsive, and still miss things, so don't feel too bad. I spent the better part of thirty minutes misreading a number, and making comment after comment about it, before someone was kind enough to point out that I was being stupid (I was, but they didn't actually put it that way, a kindness that I did not deserve).


@happyknappybeard It's a silver colored metal, so odds are it's either sterling or pewter.


@happyknappybeard: What does a male wooter wear on his fingers? Not much actually. Generally I associate more than one or two rings on the fingers with the slimy man from My Big Fat Greek Wedding who they set Tula up with and had a ring on every finger. I only own a few rings and I only wear those on nice occasions or when the time of the year is right.


@shrdlu: Errors are definitely humbling but I think it's good to be humbled on a daily basis. I usually am.

@lavikinga: I could do pewter and leather. I think that might be the best bet so far. I just don't want anything gaudy or flashy.

@catbertthegreat: Damn! I've just been outed. That was me in the movie. But to be perfectly fair the camera adds 10 lbs of slime. In real life I have way less slime.

Thank you ladies for all your help on the subject.


My bling is a Timex Expedition watch no gadgets on it except Indiglo, with a fabric band. I don't wear it everyday.
I have a few rings but I don't wear them. About twenty years ago I wore a tiny silver necklace constantly that eventually fell off somewhere.

Jewelry on a guy is okay, it might be cheesy if overdone, unless you're a pimp, or flava flav or something like that.


Wear five silver ring. Two ring finger. Two thumb. Right middle. Silver necklace, .32 bullet on.


As to finger rings, I've worn silver plenty - I just have to make sure that whatever metal touching my skin is fairly pure, or else I get rashes. I suppose I could use that as an excuse to buy up some fancy bling :) ...

As to the amulet idea though, it could work. There are lots of amulets around these days, and a ton of cool designs available from many independent merchants too. One of my personal favourite options for many things is one that's getting more common these days, especially as men lean towards Tungsten carbide and darker metals - hematite. It's a natural metal mineral (a form of Fe2O3, for those interested) that has a dark sheen to it, and is getting to be fairly common for simple jewelry. Apparently it used to be very popular with the Victorians. It doesn't react poorly to handling, the air, or skin, like some pewters and silvers, and it doesn't require much polishing.


If you are looking for something with the versatility of hemp, you could try rubber or waxed linen. Rubber can be found in many shapes, some of them resemble leather, but are waterproof.

Also, don't discount glass beads. I am a lampworker, (glass bead maker), and I frequently make beads for men. Glass beads can be made to just about any size, shape, color, and design that the wearer likes.

I could post a link to my beads so you could see some of the different designs, but I am hesitant to do so as it might be viewed as self-promotion, and that is NOT my intention.


@ravelazquez: I have no problems with you posting a link. This seems like a "Something you gotta see" thing. I don't think I have ever seen a man wear that type of jewelry but I like to keep an open mind.

@arosiriak: All my rings are made of tungsten except for the class ring. I don't know to much about hematite yet but it seems to be a very versatile mineral. Thank you for the info!

@xdavex: Dude, "Jewelry on a guy is okay, it might be cheesy if overdone, unless you're a pimp, or flava flav or something like that." That is defiantly in the running for the most hilarious quote...this month. Maybe I should just wear a giant clock around my neck. We could bring it back!


@happyknappybeard: I can't help myself here. "That is defiantly..." This is one of my pet peeves. Definitely. :)


@happyknappybeard I think if you were to admit to wearing a clock around your neck that there would women from woot hunting you down to send you off to What NOT to Wear for a makeover.


@hobbit: I know it's not PC but I'm down with women hunting. Just kidding, but I could probably go for a make over...or at least a shower.

@jrvince0124: I definitely know how to spell...sometimes. I wish there was a computer program that would smack me with a bamboo pole every time I misspelled a word. Better learning through smarting/smiting.


I associate hemp necklaces with surfing... not sure if that's the "something else" you had in mind.

Is there a particular image you want to present with your necklace/outfit? If you're wearing t-shirts, it sounds like a hemp necklace might actually work the best -- or something equally simple and earthy, like one made in a rope-like quality (like Charlie's from Lost

Another option besides dark metal and in-line with leather, are earth-tone beads. I think the wooden, tubular bead style may work the best. Of course, you could try a bodhi seed mala necklace, but people may just think you're a Buddhist (not that there's anything wrong with that).

As a male, my preferred jewelry are tie bars and cuff links, but I don't think that works with your normal attire (nor my normal attire, for that matter).