questionsare women really buying the lingerie?


I'm a MAN?!?!? Aaaaaaarrrgghhh mommy!


Who said we're buying it for the girls?


I've wondered this as well. It amazes me how fast that ohcheri crap makes it to the front page.


I have also wondered this. I have also wondered if woot is one of those sites that is trying to foster a "family" atmosphere because all the "sexy underwear" deals seem to contradict that.


While I cannot speak for @ohcheri's customers, I used to be one of the only guys in Victoria's Secret when I went shopping with my old girlfriend and the stores were never empty, so I'm guessing that there are women who buy lingerie, and probably more than there are guys.

BTW- I don't see lingerie and "family atmosphere" as contradictory. (Pretending that sex is bad, and its existence should be hidden, is why, for example, that there are no Shakers around today. And also why so many "Christian" and "insert orthodox religion here" marriages are failing today.)


I find this kind of interesting as well in a general sense. I could never imagine going into a lingerie store and getting my gf something. Not only would I be embarassed, but I would have absolutely no clue what i was doing.

Plus there was that time I thought I was getting her a sexy peekaboo bra and it turned out to be a maternity bra for breastfeeding......


Uh oh, not a woman, eh? I think I got some 'splainin' to do to my DH.


@csl312: Sexy under garments often lead to "family."


I almost got some crotchless panties and an open cup bra for her, but she prolly wouldn't wear them anyway. She would never buy internet lingerie. Only if she can feel it and caress it will she consider buying.
@xdavex: yep i agree


@xdavex: Exactly. I buy lingerie for me. The fact that my husband becomes a drooling idiot is an added bonus.

@ohcheri is a sweetheart. Just because a woman looks more attractive in bits of mesh and lace than she does in granny panties is no reason to be hating the lingerie deals. There are too many people in the world who have an attitude that sexuality is bad and that women should just close their eyes and think about England rather than enjoy the gift of being human and female.


Fun reading the responses :) I think the lingerie deals are a great spice to the mix!

Looking to see a response from @ohcheri


@dmaz: last time I pinged her, she was soaking up the sun in Maui. Poor thing ;)


Nope, I definitely ain't buying any of it. Hahaa, guess it makes sense, since the OP says I'm a man :P (aw, man but I'm allowed to wear a sweater to work WITHOUT a shirt a tie underneath!)


I see no harm in lingerie deals. It would be the same saying that there can be no men’s underwear deals because it's not "family oriented".

My wife wears lingerie because it feels good on her skin and makes her feel sexy. Similar to what @lavikinga mentioned, me turning into a bumbling fool is just a perk for her. I know if there was something out there for guys that felt good and made me feel more handsome, I'd wear it.

Don't hate on the lingerie because you don't know how to properly shop for your SO. As a tip, you don't buy it to excite you, that's just a perk.

I guess I don't see the humility in going into Victoria's Secret and purchasing something that I think my wife would like. Worst case scenario, she doesn't like it, and you return it.


When I was single, my deal was I would wear whatever as long as they bought it. Now, granted, I didn't buy online because I am a sensualist and must be able to feel (and like the feel of) the fabric, lace, etc... Also, shopping for lingerie together was an exciting event in and of itself.

Married, my husband knows what I like and buys it and gives it to me like others buy flowers.


I'm a girl and I shop online! Methinks the OP is responding to the "ask more questions" command from the Woot gods.

The Woot folks that buy from me regularly know these are great deals and we appreciate your support. Many people are shy about shopping for lingerie in public and/or have a limited selection in brick-and-mortar stores in their area.

If you don't want your children to see women in small clothes I suggest you poke out their eyes, there is no other possible way to prevent them from seeing human skin. Better yet, please avoid having children as there is already too much repression and low self esteem in this country.


@ohcheri: I haven't bought any lingerie from you, but I love your response!


@ohcheri: Great Response and I think I will buy something from ohcheri for my wife and by that I mean for myself


For some odd reason (I'm a straight white guy) most of the women I've known that were under 150 pounds have always thought that a good gift for HIM meant that SHE would wear something sexy and model it for him.
Now, I'm real sure that me wearing a brand new Pinocchio titey whitey for her would not go over as well. And I'm not complaining. But sometimes I feel I'm getting last year's present with a different bow. Still not complaining, I appreciate the present. I really always do.


When she was my girlfriend, my wife had sexy underthings already, kept her stock up and enjoyed wearing them on a daily basis.

When were were engaged to be married, purchases were a 50/50 split. Some things would be worn regularly, some for special occasions and some only once.

Now that we've been married for 10 years, 100% of purchases are by me, unless it's something that can be picked up at Walmart in a 12 pack. All of the things that were once enjoyed by both parties, and now solely purchased by me, now reside in a dresser drawer with the tags still attached. Almost all of it is practical lingerie from good manufacturers and all in her size.


I think a lot of the sales and upvotes are actually basement dwelling men with weird fetishes. I personally have no objection to the content appearing on the site, but I do find it annoying that website owners like ohcheri spam woot twice a day and all her creepy fanboys upvote all the deals and downvote any detractors. The front page is flooded with non-deals because of her shills.