questionsdid i miss a rule about pet adoption?


i would like to hear the joke. i'm guessing it's the "saveabunny" post that doesn't come up? i clicked it but it's gone

whisper tell it to me in my ear. i won't tell o_-


@w00tgurl: I don't remember exactly what I wrote. The deal was for adopting a bunny ($85, included fixing the beast and having it checked by a vet, among other things). I said something about the deal being for people offended by all the bunny death as of late. And then I said something about not to worry about the propagation of killer bunnies (you know how they are), because these bunnies can't procreate.

I thought it was all rather clever and humorous (obviously or I wouldn't have written and posted it). :)

@shrdlu, you didn't happen to print a .pdf of the deal, did you?


@thepenrod: haha killer bunnies. for a sec, until i saw your other post, i thought this was about the petfinder "adopttheinternet" campaign.

ahem March 15th! ahem

oh how did that link get there?


@thepenrod: I suppose I'm famous, but no, I don't usually print PDFs unless it's something I think is controversial, or has the likelihood of becoming so. However, I do have an opinion on this one...Ready?

I think that Deals is happy to sell crickets, or ladybugs, or even hermit crabs, but when it comes to the potential for suffering that offering up live animals offers is frightening. Here's a couple of scenarios:

The person offering it is a Puppy Mill (or in this case a Rabbit Mill).

Worse, the person offering animals is legitimate, and the person buying them is someone that makes all our nightmares reality.

There just needs to be good accountability on both ends, and I don't think that you can have that with random deals on a deal site. I admit it. I like you just bunches, but I'd have deleted it too. The bunny Walking Rabbit Jacket is just lovely, by the way.


@shrdlu: I understand the concerns, that's why I posted from a site that has it's own adopter requirements. Surprisingly, a lot of bunny adoption agencies/organizations seem to be very conscientious about the very concerns you mentioned. I think it may be easier to adopt a dog or cat. Anyway, a quick perusal of the site shows their hurdles and requirements. Of course somebody could lie completely, but why pay that much money to adopt a fixed bunny if you want it for nefarious and/or irresponsible purposes?


@thepenrod: I understand perfectly. I think that Deals would rather not have the precedent set, and while yours was valid, it doesn't mean the next guy would be. It's really about the big picture, much as I hate to use that old tired aphorism.

Your motives were the best. The place was a good place (I saw it, and voted for it). You've been painted with the tar brush of DOOM. Get a hand mirror, and go look at your back left shoulder. See? It's the mark of doom, and it will never wash off. No more live puppies, kitties, or bunnies. Unless it's vampire bunnies, of course. I <3 Bunnicula.


Rules? There are rules? Nobody said anything about rules.


@shrdlu: I'm pretty sure if the DW staff had any such scruples, they wouldn't keep allowing some of the sponsored deals they seem so happy to allow people to get screwed by (how's that for a horrid sentence!). ;)


@eneref: You know I'd be the first to jump up and down on staff when it's deserved, but I don't think they lack scruples. Good judgment, sometimes, but not scruples. There's some sponsored deals that are better than others, and I take everything with a grain of salt. I still think it's funny when people imply that stuff on Woot central isn't perfect.

What? You think that the reason that Woot has ten palettes of Zunes that it means that Microsoft has just released their very bestest effort, and wants to share it with the world? Or perhaps those ten palettes are some random product (Zunes are an excellent example) that is discontinued, refurbished, or no longer leading edge. No miracles here. No man behind the curtain.


Frankly, after all this time on here, I still don't know who does what. So I'm just going to start invoking staff. Squeaky wheel and what not.


Can I get an answer for this question?


@thepenrod: We are no longer going to accept deals for any live animals of any kind.


@thefenst: Thank you for a straight answer.