questionsdo you "expire" your own deal postings?


expire them myself. everyone else should as well when they can.


Yes. I do it even before they truly "expire" sometimes.
Sometimes I let them languish in the faded light of their former glory for an extra day or two.


As Mr. Brimley would say "Expire your deals, and expire them often. There's no reason not to."

But really, I get pretty ticked off when I see someone's page with deals from months even years ago that are still "active." I don't post very many deals, but when I do you can bet I check back to make sure they're still active.


Of course. It is laziness to just leave deals in place for others to have to click through.


I try to remember to expire them once a week.


Yes, I do as they expire and I try to within 24 hours. I look at is as my responsibility, I posted them, I should also maintain them.


Why yes, yes I do expire my own deals. Common courtesy when they're sold out, the price has changed, etc.

The puzzlers are those that are still valid, yet are not longer visible because they're over a day (week, etc.) old. Finally decided to expire those, too. ...They serve no purpose.


Thanks for the reminder its been a while since i did some cleanup...i try to expire deals when they're done...if i remember.


Yup. Every day when the new ones go up.


Every chance I get. Wouldn't it be nice if we had an auto-expire button? Please? Especially that @wootbot spammer.


Yes, although a couple times someone else has beat me to it.


I find it odd that some "deals" are still the same price up to 2 years later.

Must not have been much of a deal to begin with.