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Just received the notification from my credit union about this yesterday. STILL don't understand what the kerfluffle was about using a debit card for POS purchases.


They still have plain old debit cards??

I thought everything had a visa/mastercard logo on it nowadays.


I'm amazed to hear that anyone still had a debit card that's only a debit card myself. I gave up on insisting a few years ago. I'm just happy mine don't have RFID in them (I still insist on it). I do gently point out that the mixed use debit cards are still debit cards, though. Just because they can be used for credit also does not remove their debit capability.

Before I made this statement, I called a friend involved in that business, and he claims that both cards are referred to as debit cards. It is correct to refer to the debit only card as an ATM card. It's probably the same fuzziness of terms that leads us to refer to tissues as Kleenex, and copies as Xeroxes.

You are very kind Ms Cave, to bring this up, since I'm sure there will be plenty of people blind sided by this unpleasant fact. I only use my debit card at grocery stores and the post office, myself, but I know many people that use them everywhere.


No, I never use debit cards except at an ATM. I use my credit cards for all of my non-ATM transactions. The cards get paid in full every month so I don't worry about finance charges.

FWIW...Both my personal and business debit cards have had the Visa logo on them for years.


Yes, At Aldis they will only take the atm card from my credit union and not the checkcard with the visa logo. Its because the checkcard has a more check and balance that Aldis can't deal with.


It seems like I am one of the few dinosaurs left that has an ATM only card ( I only use it to get cash). I truly love my Discover card and use it for everything else.


To answer some questions (whether asked in truth or in humor I can't ascertain), some people do not want or may not qualify for a checking account, so a check card is not available to them.

My credit union uses Visa-logo check cards, and we link the cards to a reward system available on some of our credit cards, so using either card earns reward points. Additionally, our check cards are attached to a separate, individualized merchant-sponsored discount program that automatically deposits cash back into the member's checking account each month. (One member I spoke with recently was very appreciative of the 15% cash-back he got on the $150 he spent for Valentine's candy and flowers.) I seldom use my own card, but I can vouch for the fact that a significant number of people evidently carry no more than $0.25 in cash, judging by the 20+ card swipes they do per day.

Thank you for the kind words, @shrdlu; I'm of the view that information should be available as soon as possible.


I worked in a restaurant for several years. Our POS (Point of sale, but also Piece of $#!7) system NEVER accepted an ATM card as a form of currency. If it didn't have a visa/mastercard/discover/amex logo on it, it didn't work.
I'm sure that isn't the only store that won't be affected by this change.

Also, I laughed at "ATM Machine". Sorry @magic cave


Both of my credit unions use Visa-logo cards as well, and frankly, I prefer the credit method because of institutional fees that I found were occasionally associated with debit transactions. The only downside is that the transactions need time to clear, but careful bookkeeping and a reliable "available balance" feature make up for that.


No way. If somebody scams your debit card, they can empty your entire account balance leaving you with no recourse. If they scam your credit card, you are only liable (legally) for the 1st $50---and usually the CC company will absorb even that---Thanks Discover Card. I cut up my debit cards as soon as they are issued to me.


who shops in stores nowadays?

edit: anyways i only have a check card, and i love using that. But i'll never use a credit card (hopefully)


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