questionswhy does it take amazon ten days to ship a…


remember the olden times when you had to mail off an order form and wait for processing of your paper check then shipping of your products. i know. not this company. but makes you stop and realize ten days from order to receiving your product isn't so bad.


Supersaver shipping? I feel your pain.

But I sooooo hate paying for shipping.

@moosezilla: what is this mail you speak of? And checks? Isn't that some sort of mix?


Amazon Prime surely gets priority. I ordered two 16GB micro SDHC cards from an affiliated vendor yesterday, and got an email today saying that the estimated delivery date was June 11. WTF?


I totally hate that. What I hate worse is when I order something (from anywhere) and it sits at the USPS facility for 3 days for no good reason. And, usually it's at a facility I can drive to, but they won't let me come get my item (I've asked).


@jsimsace: This was an item listed as "Fulfillment by Amazon" (meaning it is actually in the Amazon warehouse)? That is crazy.


@kmeltzer: My favorite is when UPS gives my packages a tour of the town I live in -- Yep, they drive it through my neighborhood, all over the city, probably back past my neighborhood and back to the delivery center -- ALL BECAUSE IT'S NOT SCHEDULED FOR DELIVERY YET! WTF!?

I wish they would give you the option to come pick it up because it's really frustrating.


@capguncowboy: Ouch, yeah that would suck. Luckily, they don't do that here. But, seeing online it's sitting there.. for days.. is frustrating. And when you call to ask why, or when it will leave, they always act like you're just annoying them.


If you choose the free form of shipping, I don't feel any sympathy. I do supersaver shipping as well knowing full-well the implications and the delivery time window (which they explain before you click any purchase button).

They have to ship tons of stuff every single day. We cannot fathom (mostly because it is not disclosed) how many packages they must go through within a single business day. They have priority forms of shipment available for those who are willing to pay. No company can offer free shipping and make a profit from it unless they gouge you with item prices. Instead, they have some of the lowest prices around and they chose to give us customers many options for shipping. In turn, Amazon can make enough profit to offer free shipping to us. I know it's all chicken and egg, but it's how it is.

The question is and always has been: Is free shipping more important than getting your items a few days earlier?


@capguncowboy: I've actually contacted UPS and asked them to hold a package at the sort facility, no problem if you know a day or two in advance when your package is expected to be delivered.


Me too! Yesterday I went to Amazon to see if my package, I ordered on the 12, was in stock, not only is it stock if I order yesterday (the 16th), when I was looking at it, Amazon says the item will arrive before UPS says my package I ordered on the 12th will arrive. WTF?
This keeps up and it will take away from my instant gratification, which will cause me to order less. Hey wait that would be good for me!


@moosezilla: Back in the olden days I had more choices - I could drive to CompUSA, Computer City, Microcenter or one of the "Mom and Pop" computer stores in the area and make a purchase. The Internet has killed them all off (except for Microcenter, which only has great deals on CPUs these days).

I get that "4-7 business days" means a long wait, but I expect that 4-7 business days means it takes the carrier that long to get it to me, not that they finally get around to shipping it overnight on day 6.

I also get that super-saver shipping is slower. Does this mean that if I pay for Prime that my order doesn't sit for ten days before they pack it and give it to UPS for delivery?


@durkzilla: I think your last paragraph is probably the most accurate.


Remember all those Wal*Mart Greeters that lost their jobs? Now you know where they went to work.


@durkzilla: If you pay for shipping (whether Prime or just regular shipping), your order will be processed that day. If you use FSSS, then they sit on your order for several days and then process it for shipping. The delay is the main reason that I switched to Prime (thanks to the kid that is still in school that enables me to share his Student account).


@eviloverlord333: Actually, according to the info on Amazon's website, changing your shipping method to a faster service does NOT speed up how long it takes to get your package on it's way to you...

From that pop-up about shipping estimates:

Getting Items Faster
You can select a different shipping speed by clicking the radio button next to that option on the order form. Note that changing your shipping speed to a faster method will not change the estimated shipping date, but your estimated delivery date should improve (subject to item availability). If you want to change your shipping speed after placing the order, visit Your Account.


I ordered a music book from Amazon a few months back for my fiancee's sister as a belated Christmas gift (it wasn't supposed to be out until after Christmas anyway, so I held off on ordering it). It was delayed at least a half dozen times, and now Amazon is saying it will take 2-4 weeks to ship it from the date it was released, and can't even give a concrete date of delivery. It doesn't say anything about being out of stock, and I haven't even been able to get a straight answer from Amazon as to why.


They must stock PC parts in only one warehouse or something, because the only time I haven't gotten something within a week via super-saver was when I bought RAM...


This is why I order all my PC parts from newegg. I have never not had something ship the same day ordered so long as I got my order in before 1pm PST.

My most frustrating time with Amazon shipping is when I preordered a book and had to wait over a week after the release date for it to finally ship. I ended up buying a copy at the local Walmart because I was sick of waiting. It didn't arrive until a full 2 weeks after the release date. Why the heck would I preorder something unless I wanted it ASAP?!?


Usually, it will take at least 3 days for merchant to verify credit cards even you pass all the credit card security check. These days, there are so many stolen credit cards and card holders do not report stolen credit card timely until someone charges their card and get notified by the bank.

And then another 3 - 7 days for label preparation and inventory recording such as recording serial number and setup the customer into the system. A company does not only do business one person, therefore, it is understandable that a mail order takes 6-10 days for processing. Also, some companies might need to move their inventory from no tax zone into the tax zone warehouse...depending on where their warehouse is located and if your item is imported or not.


The company I work for ships everything within 24 hours so that is not a valid answer. If the company I work for can do it then 6-10 days is not an acceptable processing time. Heck I sell on ebay and I have to ship within 1 business day and I always meet that for being a Top Rated Seller.